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We Are Living in the Castle

Chateau de Burnand - France

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter 9 months in Asia we are back to Europe. As Kaspars wrote, everything there seems so much like at home, but at the same time so unfamiliar and distant. Getting from Langkawi island in Malaysia to Paris took us about 30 hours, including time we spent waiting for connecting flights. We spent 3 days in Paris. And after that we went to a small village Burnand in Burgundy region of France, where we had agreed to volunteer in the castle – hotel.

Currently we are here for 9 days. Burnand is a really small village. There are only some twenty houses and some part of them is being used only time after time as summer houses. So there are almost no people around as well. There are no shops and restaurants in village. Green fields, few farms and many hills is that what surrounds us in this peaceful place.

by the chateau in Burnand

field Burnand

by the chateau in Burnand

Una in Burnand

view from hill Burnand

If you look from the distance, then the castle, where we are staying and working, looks like the sun in the middle of the sky. There are some small houses and then there is this castle on the top of the hill between them.

The castle is like from fairy tale – with towers, big and heavy doors, with old and circular staircases. Its name is Chateau de Burnand. Simpliest room for 2 people here costs about 100 EUR, two room apartment – around 200 EUR per night. Many guests prefer to eat in the castle not only breakfast (included in the price), but also a dinner. Meals are served in the castle’s dining room, where everyone is sitting by the long table.

There are also some animals living in the castle – two dogs, several cats, some chicken and one very, very friendly duck.

friendly duck and bicycle Burnand

So, what are our duties here? We are feeding animals, walking the dogs, doing laundry. And also – looking after the rooms, that includes cleaning of the rooms and making beds. When here are not many guests we help with different kind of jobs. Everything you can imagine doing at home, like some small repairs or cleaning. There are many beautiful paintings and sculptures in the castle. All of that makes us feel like we are working in an art museum.

But all these old books, dated from the beginning of 20th century, old clothes and other stuff makes you to stop for a while and think about that time so long ago.

paintings on walls Chateau de Burnand

sculptures Chateau de Burnand

Looks like a lot of things to do? Yes, that’s right. Usually we are working about 6 hours a day. But we like that. It’s interesting and new experience for us. Especially to look after the hotel rooms. Most of the “rooms” are big. There are different sizes of the beds, which means different beddings. Rooms are beautiful and look like from the times, when this castle was built. And as this is not some 5 dollar hotel in India, everything here is done at much higher level. Much higher. And that’s interesting for us.

As we with Kaspars are joking, during our trip in Asia we have lived in a lot of hotels. So now it’s our time to see hotel from the other side.

But after work we take bicycles and explore beautiful countryside of France.

Kaspars and Una cycling in Burgundy

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