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It’s Your Choice: You Have Only One Life

Una on bicycle in Burgundy, France

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] want to travel. I want to climb mountains and to see the volcanoes. I want to swim with the dolphins. And after all, I don’t really like to be marketing project manager, I want to be a DJ. I want to learn French. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to play tennis. I want, I want, I want,…

Do it! Just do it! All of it is possible. It’s your choice to be the person you want to be and to do the things you want to do. The only one, that can decide, will it stay just as a dream or will it be your reality, that’s you!

Two years ago I was having a life like most of you. I was living in my stability. Every working day morning I woke up at about 7:30 to go to the office at about 8:30. In the evening around 18:30 I usually was back at home. A few days a week right after work I went to run, sometimes to cycle. At that time, I was training for my first marathon.

I wanted to prove to myself, that it’s possible for me to just take and run all those 42 kilometers. At the same time, keeping in mind, that not so long time ago even 3 kilometer run for me felt as a run around the world. (I did it as planned, I run marathon in September, and it was not the only one.)

But much more hours at that time I was sitting in front of my computer and reading about other people’s experiences traveling all across the world.

I am not that one who since childhood had dreamed of distant lands. Absolutely not. For a very long time for me it was like something totally not reachable. I felt about it like it was for those other people, for very rich people.

Times started to change. Occasionally I saw travel agency offers on pages of our small town newspaper. It started to feel a little bit more real. It seemed tempting, but still very expensive. And still, not for me but for those people. This way I was thinking at that time.

Till at some day, just a few years ago, I read some article about traveling on a very low-budget. I searched for more and I found out, that it’s possible to travel different ways. It’s possible to travel cheaper. It’s possible to travel for longer. It’s possible to travel to very distant lands.

It was a new world for me. This information had found its way to me. And since that moment more and more I started to think about it. I was imagining how cool it could be – we with Una in India. We somewhere in Africa. We in Asia? It would be very interesting.

I was reading, reading and it began to seem more and more doable.

Until we made our choice. We chose to leave our stability in Latvia and to travel the world. To go out and see everything with our eyes. At that moment we were three – we two with Una and my brother. From the few last salaries we saved as much as we could. About 1500 EUR each.

And on October 2013 we left Latvia. Now, 9 months later, we have cycled more than 5000 kilometers across India. We have traveled in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. For several months we have lived on a tropical island and worked on cruise yachts. Now two of us we are living and working in medieval castle in the middle of France. What’s next? We’ll see. We have a lot of ideas, and are full with confidence, that everything is possible and doable. And you know – there is so much more to see in the world!

You will say: “It’s impossible for me. I have children. I have family.” Is it a problem? No. That also is just your choice. Either you will live as it is and thoughts about traveling will be only dreams or you will do it. For sure, it will be more difficult to travel with children than to travel solo or as couple, but it’s not impossible.

These parents with their two sons  cycled all across North and South America. And it’s just one of their adventures. It was their choice to give up the comfort of being at home, to give up everything they were used to and go. This way it also was their choice to spend more time with their children.

“Yeah, but they are from the United States. They have a lot of money. They can do so.” But what prevents you from going for let’s say a year to another country where you can earn more? Maybe that isn’t even necessary, because travelling also can be done on a very low budget and you can earn more at your home as well.

For example, a family from Russia, whom we met in Malaysia, was currently on their second long-term travel with their teenage daughter. And without a bunch of money. They just traveled smart. They were camping time after time, hitchhiking, doing volunteering and using all the possibilities available. But what about the school? Girl goes to it at the end of the school year to complete final tests and exams. But for the rest of the time she is studying on her own with parents.

Everything is possible if you really want to do something and you have a desire to go for it. Of course, at the same time it’s always  possible to find so many reasons, why you “can’t do it”.

Just remember, that whatever is your goal or dream, it is doable. You just need to start doing. Most likely it will not be as easy as to continue and “live like others”. You will need to give up some things you are used to. You will need to go your own way. Some will look at you as a crazy person, some will laugh about you. You might feel lonely.

But don’t worry – somewhere closer or further in the world there is someone who once have tried to do the same thing, that you are currently thinking about. Search for it and you will find like-minded people. Do your own way and become more happier!

You have only one life. It’s your choice to make it the way you want!

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