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Our Travel Story

We have been traveling extensively since 2012.

How it started

How We Started Traveling?

Pack one bag and book a one-way ticket to a faraway country. Quit your job, give everything you own away, and GO! This is more or less how it started. And it started with a 5-month cycling trip across India. What an adventure it was! More than 10 years have passed since our very first trip abroad, and we are still amazed by the world — and still traveling.

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Kaspars and Una in Aswan, Egypt
In Aswan, Egypt


Visited Countries


years abroad


In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wasn’t It Scary?

Cycling across India? Wasn’t it scary? It was. It was very, very scary at first. At the same time deep inside ourselves we felt, that it’s something we need to do now. We felt like it might be a really good adventure. And so we did it. We left our home to see the world.