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Snow in Burgundy, France

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was summer of 2014, when we visited Burgundy (region in France) for the first time. And then we returned to the same place, the same Workaway in the castle, but now in winter. Living here for more than a month, from the end of December till now, start of February, we saw how winter in Burgundy looks like.

We arrived here at night on the first cold day of this winter. What a luck! It was under zero degrees. As we arrived at night, it was dark and very cold. We went out of the car and for a moment we felt really worried – is it how winter looks here, so far to the South in Europe?

But then came the next morning and we saw that it’s not that bad.

We went out and saw almost the same as green hills all around the place. We saw cows and horses out in the fields. Yes, trees didn’t have leaves and everything was a bit different, but not that much different as it is in Latvia, where in winter normally everything is covered with snow.

Una in Burgundy

Weeks passed and we saw even more different winter. Winter which you can describe with words – “looks like autumn, feels like spring”. Partly greenish, partly brownish and orange. And at the same time so warm like in spring. Sometimes it was like 15 C degrees! During the spring in Latvia it’s colder.

But now, for more than a week, weather is more like in winter (still not as cold as in Latvia). Just few degrees above or sometimes below zero. Sometimes it’s snowing, but snow on the ground never stays for too long. Couple of hours passes and it’s gone, completely melted.

Like it was just a few days ago – it was snowing so heavily and beautifully. Snowflakes were so huge and reminded me of falling white flowers. This heavy snowfall we haven’t seen for more than two years. Less than two hours later everything was just wet. And there were no signs of that beauty that we were so lucky to see.

To get better idea, how the winter looks here, in Burgundy, take a look at our photos.

Winter in Burgundy, France – Photos

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