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4 Reasons Why I Am Running

Kaspars running in Burgundy, France

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[dropcap]30[/dropcap] days of running in a row. 262.4 kilometers in total. 8.75 kilometers on average per day. That’s how in numbers looks my 30 day running challenge, that I finished only 4 days ago. I went on a run next day after this achievement, and on two of the following days. And I’m going out to run also today. To run this August till the end.

But why I’m running? Most of my life I hated running, but now for few last years it has become so important for me. What happened? What I understood, when I got through the first and very tough months of training? Read on.

1. Running gives you time with yourself.

During the last month I had some important things to think about, things related with my future, about work and life choices. And this roughly an hour a day, that I spent with myself running through beautiful and peaceful scenery of Burgundy was just the time that I needed. I set up marketing strategy in my head, made calculations important for me to understand, what to do next after finishing this volunteer job in France and still I had plenty of time for many other thoughts and also hours of peace.

2. Running is a good way to explore surroundings.

Speed of this movement is the right to see and feel most of that what’s around you. But being on your foot means, that you experience it more closely. For example, I like to watch sunrises and sunsets as many people do, but when you start to spend more time outside you notice, that there are so many other beautiful moments during the day. And after that you can’t sit still inside the house anymore. You want to go out at any free moment. Before I started to run, most of it I left unnoticed in my daily rush on my work – home – work “run”.

3. I like to challenge myself.

So running for example in -20 degrees, through snow and mud, through strong rain or for longer distance as usually, is something that at the end makes me feel like I have accomplished something, yeah. And that also connects well with the point two, when you challenge yourself to go for that early morning sunrise run, you see so much natural beauty that most people don’t see. Possibilities for new and interesting challenges are just endless.

4. Running makes you stronger.

Both physically and mentally. As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” And I totally agree with it.

That’s first what you need to understand. Keep doing and results will come. Despite the fact that with my type of training, when I mostly run for fun and the way that I feel more or less easy, I feel progress. And that’s a very nice feeling. As that means, that I can run more, I can run further and explore more, I can challenge myself in even more ways.

Let’s go for a run!

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