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Returning to Europe After 9 Months in Asia – How Is It?

Europe and Asia compared in one picture

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are days when it’s cold. Then it’s especially cold for my shaved head and bare feet, because I’m still wearing flip flops. But days are so long, that at some moment you start thinking, is sun setting today or not? It’s interesting and boring in Europe at the same time. Everything there seems so much like at home, but at the same time it’s so unfamiliar and distant. Everything is kind of the same way as it was before, but now I’m no longer the same as before.

At the moment we have spent 3 days in Paris and about a week in the castle at countryside of France. Here we plan to be at least for some weeks.

How is it?

It’s cold in Europe

In Europe it’s hot. In Europe it’s cool. In Asia it was hot. In Asia it was very hot. And on rare occasions in Asia it was not too hot, only about +25 C.

During the European summer days are so long

Not like in Asia, when at 7:30 PM (or earlier) it’s pitch black outside. For example, in Malaysia longest period of daylight is 12 hours and 15 minutes long, in Latvia – more than 18 hours.


Meat for breakfast. Meat for lunch. Meat for dinner. And some more meat at some time before meals. It’s how it is in Europe. It’s the way, how I was used to eat. And I don’t want to do the same way now. In last 9 months in Asia I got used to eat meat occasionally – once a week, sometimes more, sometimes even less. In the first few days in France I ate that much meat, bread and milk products (all of what in recent months I was not eating like at all), that I got stomach problems worse than ever in India. I slowed down with all of that and now again I start to feel well.

Everything is expensive in Europe

Yes, a lot of things in Europe are much more expensive. Twice as expensive, five times as expensive, sometimes ten times as expensive. Food, accommodation, clothing, services, medicine. You can book a room in the hotel/castle (where we are currently living and working) for 1 week or you can travel through Asia for 3 months. That big is the difference.

Euro, that’s cool

Yes, cash withdrawals today are not a big problem. You can go almost to any ATM anywhere in the world and take out local currency with your debit or credit card. But still it’s such a nice feeling to know, that money in your pocket can be used also in the neighboring country and in that and that country. You don’t need to think about how much cash do I need this time. The same way at the end of the trip in Europe you don’t need to think, where to put all the cash left. Because you can use it at home (if you are from Europe, of course).

During these 9 months in Asia I’ve fallen in love with Asia. Thus it’s clear, that we are going to return there some day. And most likely not only for a few weeks, but also for a longer period of time. Who knows – maybe that will happen this winter?

3 thoughts on “Returning to Europe After 9 Months in Asia – How Is It?”

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  2. Haha I love this article, meat in the morning, meat in the afternoon, meat in the evening–in Europe? I think it was like that in Asia too! Especially in Thailand. There is meat everywhere! And noodles, of course. It’s so great that you were 9 months in Asia. Did you work here?
    Safe travels!

    1. Yeah, I remember street food in Thailand. But still it was so much other food, that was eaten by many people an also us, that we felt different, not like now in France. And for example chicken fried rice felt so much lighter food than all meet meals in Europe.

      We came just to travel and do short volunteering, but ended up 3 months volunteering and living on farm on Langkawi island in Malaysia :) So we almost didn’t spent any of our money at that time, but had a lot of great experiences. Spent a lot of time at yacht club and on yachts, learned new things.

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