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We Are Leaving India And Going to Malaysia

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday early in the morning we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yesterday was supposed to be the day, when we leave Goa, start a few week trip across India and eventually head to Northern India to stay there for a month or two. Initially we planned to start this trip two weeks earlier.

But then, when the date of our planned departure was coming closer, we postponed it, because the time didn’t feel right. We just wanted to spend more time in Goa, living near the ocean.

And then… when a few days ago again we were discussing about where we will go after Goa, we made a decision to leave India for some time.

We will return (most probably) to India in May, because we already have booked a flight from Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal, at the end of May. And we have double entry Indian visa, so there will be no need to think about visa part, our least favorite thing about traveling.

It’s also possible, that I will come to India 2-3 weeks earlier than Una. Because there is one thing I’m really eager to do in India. I want to cycle to one of the most remote parts of India – Leh. This faraway place, high in Himalayas, is reachable by land only few months a year. And, as it looks, this year will be the first year when roads (there are only 2 road going there) and mountain passes will be open already in April.


Sunrise in Himalayas

Ok, I know, what interests you even more.

Why Are We Leaving India?

Less than half way through our initially planned time in India and after visiting only couple of places we planned to visit.

And, yes, I remember it – 2 months ago we said we are returning to India to see more of it.

But nothing is constant. If then we felt like we really want to be in India, it’s not what we feel right now.

Now we feel like we have had enough of India. At least for now.

When we were thinking about all the places, where we could go in India, and all the things, that we could do there, we felt no excitement. All of a sudden it felt like whatever it would be, wherever we would choose to go in India would be only for the sake of going.

Days passed, but this feeling didn’t leave us. We wanted something else. Something different. That’s when we started to think about leaving India. And just a simple thought about going somewhere else, to some another country, changed everything. We instantly started to feel better. We felt in charge of our lives again.

Not having to choose between options, all of whom you feel bad about, we felt free again.

We knew, we need to move on. Not without last minute doubts we made a decision and booked tickets to Kuala Lumpur, leaving ourselves less than a week in India.

During this time in India we saw more of Delhi, both good and bad. We went to Agra and Mumbai. First we hated, second – loved. We had a very good time, traveling with my parents in India for 3 weeks. We tried how it is to travel by train in India. In total we spent 7 weeks in Goa, enjoying sun, ocean, waves, beach, sunsets, sunrises, refreshing sea breeze, delicious sea food. Time in Goa reminded us how much we like to live near the ocean. We love it.

Now it’s time for Malaysia and new adventures.

Near Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur

Near Petronas towers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We have been in Malaysia two years ago. So it is not our first time here. We have friends whom we will visit in Malaysia. Our American/Canadian friend Clive currently is volunteering in Malaysia, too. And all in all it feels like we have come to a place where we belong.

For the first days while we decide about the next steps we have booked a room in Kuala Lumpur. Again using Airbnb. And with the same Chinese family like before.

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