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Our pool in Goa, India

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] know Airbnb for few years already. It’s one of our favorite vacation rental websites. We first used it on our very first trip abroad in summer of 2012, when we went to Italy and Portugal. Now we have used Airbnb both in Europe and in Asia, and we love it! That’s why we can say with confidence, that we will use it again and again!

That good has been our experience all these times.

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So, what we like about Airbnb most?

Using Airbnb is Easy

Whether it will be an app on your phone or tablet, that you will use, or website on your computer. It’s the same as easy. Choose a place, where you want to go, date and a number of people going together. That’s it! On the next step you can filter all the results, if you like. What we usually use – we set our budget and choose between private room, shared room and entire home.

If that what you care most is location of your Airbnb home, there is a map on the page as well. So you can choose accommodation by its location. For those willing to dig deeper, there is “Filters” option as well, giving you an opportunity to filter results even more.

You are Communicating with a Local Person

What hotels do? They sell you their services and products. What Airbnb hosts do? They give you advice. Almost all the time when we stayed with Airbnb, hosts were also our local friends. They gave us recommendations, they helped us, they did a lot to make our experience as good as possible.

Possibility to contact a host is very useful, as that’s also your chance to get more information about the place, where you are heading to. As well as to ask for more information about the apartment or room, that you are about to book.

Airbnb is Cheaper Than Hotels and Hostels

Of course it’s not the same always and everywhere. But if you are traveling together with someone and you plan to stay in some place for more than a day, then Airbnb is often the best choice.

If you are traveling to a some more expensive country, like France, it’s worth checking Airbnb even if you need an accommodation just for 1 day. For example in Paris, where even a dorm bed in a hostel costs around 20 – 30 EUR per person, it is possible to find a room for two or three people for the same price. If you will be alone in Paris both options will cost you about the same, though.

Pool in our apartment complex, Goa. We rented 2 bedroom (3 room) apartment here for 14 euros a day, using Airbnb

Airbnb in India – Pool in our apartment complex, Goa. We rented 2 bedroom (3 room) apartment here for 14 euros a day

You Have More Freedom

You can feel free like at your home. That’s exactly how we usually feel at our Airbnb rentals, be it just a small room we have rented or a whole apartment. We always have had an access to all facilities, like washing machine, water kettle and oven. And all the times we alsohave had our own set of keys to come and go, whenever we want.

If you are not sure about something or you feel lost, not knowing which metro or bus to take, ask about that your host. You want to check in early or check out late? Ask your host. It’s that simple.

Simplicity and Security with Payments as Well

You pay Airbnb at the time of booking, but the owner receives the money only 24 hours after your check – in. So if something goes wrong, place is not as described on Airbnb or you can’t contact host – then inform Airbnb and you will get your money back!

You can pay for accommodation with credit card, debit card and Paypal. Our choice usually is Paypal.

Are you interested in trying it out? Register using this link and you (as well as we) will get a discount for your first booking.

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  10. Kaspars, I will be staying in Riga for 2 weeks this August for wedding. It’s going to be an expensive trip with airfare for 3, so I’m looking for some local advice. Do you know of any accommodations at a good price for that length of time?

    1. What I can say – Riga isn’t that big. It’s not a problem to get anywhere even if you are staying 5-7 kilometers from the city center, where hotels and airbnb’s are cheaper than in the central part of the city. Thanks to Bolt and Yandex Taxi apps getting around using taxi for 3 people will be even cheaper than using public transportation.

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