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We Are Returning to India

A tuk tuk in Ahmedabad, India

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]en more days, and we will be in India for the second time. And again we are going there not for just a short trip, but we plan to spend in India almost 5 full months. We have a flight from Riga to Delhi on 31st of December. That means that this time New Years Eve we will be celebrating in the air. Yuhuu, something new for us!

And we already know, when we will be leaving India. We have a flight from Delhi to Kathmandu (Nepal) at the end of May 2016. We didn’t really think about it before, where we gonna go after India and how. But… now, when applying for Indian tourist visa in Latvia, you need to provide return plane ticket or onward plane ticket to any other country.

So we had to decide. And we did it.

Pushkar India

Why Are We Returning to India?

Short answer would be, because we want to see more of it.

When we went to India for the first time, to cycle across it, it was because of few reasons. It was something completely unknown for us. It was far away and thus exotic. We had read, that you can travel on a very small budget in India. We also loved idea of skipping European winter.

But why India not any of Southeast Asian countries, for example? Because India is so BIG.

And as we were thinking about traveling across India, we had this picture of always changing landscape in our minds. Majestic Himalayas, thousands of kilometers of coastline, deserted lands of Rajasthan, rice fields, tea plantations, huge cities with population of millions, …

Now we know, that it’s not only landscape that is changing as you travel across India. Everything is changing. You can travel across India for one week, and every day you may feel like being in a different country. Because people dress different in different parts of India. They eat different food. They even look different themselves.

And if that is not enough, remember, that all across India there are more than 20 languages spoken. One day you may be in a place, where you can’t even recognize, which building is a hotel or restaurant, because everything is written in the Devanagari alphabet like on this road sign in a picture below. Sometimes they write numbers in this alphabet, too, and then you need to guess, how far away you are, haha. Or you need to use GPS.

road sign India

That’s what we love about India – its diversity.

It’s cool to have a chance to go to completely different place without leaving country.

This time we plan to spend our time mostly in 3 parts of India. Not only because we will be working at the same time, but even more because we love to travel slowly. We love to spend more time in places, which we love.

So far our plan looks like this: winter in Goa (our absolute favorite part of India so far) and Southern India, then some time in Jaisalmer or some city not far away, where we could experience the Thar Desert, and spring in Himalayas.

Are you going to India at any time between January till June 2016? Let’s meet!

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