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Walking Camino de Santiago – Spring 2013

In the end of April of 2013 we went to Spain. Our plan then was to walk one part of the Camino de Santiago (Wikipedia). And we did it. In 10 days we walked for more than 300 kilometers across north and northwest of Spain. We arrived to Madrid. We took a night train to Ponferrada. But from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostella and then to Finisterre we walked.

Literally translated Finisterre means the end of the world. And that’s also how it feels in reality, when after long days of walking you reach the ocean.

Now, 2 years later, we can say, that exactly this adventure travel – walking a part of Camino de Santiago – caused a wanderlust and encouraged us to go on a long term travel just 4 months later! Read more about how our travel started!

Our Camino de Santiago diary

The Idea Phase.

Day 1 – Riga – Frankfurt – Madrid.

Day 2 – Rammstein Concert.

Day 3 – Night Train to Ponferrada.

Day 4 – We Missed Our Stop.

Day 5 – Walking in the Mountains.

Day 6 – Yesterday We Went Up, Today We Are Going Down.

Day 7 – Almost a Holiday.

Day 8 – Oops, We Did a Marathon Again.

Day 9 – Almost in Santiago de Compostella.

Day 10 – Small Finish – Santiago de Compostella.

Day 11 – We Are Going to Finisterre.

Day 12 – Walking Without Boots.

Day 13 – FINISH of Camino de Santiago in Finisterre.

Kaspars Camino de Santiago

Yeah! We finished our Camino de Santiago in Finisterre!

To sum it up we can say – we really loved this experience. We loved to be on a move. To see new places, to eat new dishes, to meet new people. And also it taught us, how little we people really need.

Now we know, that some day we will return to Spain to walk the whole Camino de Santiago.

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