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Walking Camino de Santiago – Day 13, FINISH of Camino de Santiago in Finisterre

Walking to Finisterre - Camino de Santiago, Spain

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Kaspars’s diary of the adventure completed in spring 2013. Translated by Una.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is May 2. AccuWeather tells us that this day will be sunny. And it is! The sky started clearing up already yesterday, and today it is crisp blue and without any clouds. We put together all our cash left and buy two big pizzas, which are baked by the owner of our albergue. The pizzas are good, but not the best ones we have eaten. But important thing that we are full and ready for the day.

My boots are still wet, so obviously I will continue walking in my flip flops, at least some hours. If yesterday I was walking over the hills and rocks wearing those, I will be fine with them today also.

From the very first day of our trip we knew that our destination will be the ocean. We think of our destination this way – Finisterre is only a name for us. The real goal at the same time is to reach a shore of the ocean, not just a city named Finisterre.

We really want to see the ocean. For some of us it will be the first time seeing it. If the water will be too cold to swim, we at least want to step into it.

Only 15 km left, walking to Finisterre, Camino de Santiago, Spain

We walk through the woods. We walk on the path. We walk on the road and we reach a place which is only 15 km away from Finisterre. We don’t stop, we continue to walk.

We have find out that there are other people going to Muxia instead of Finisterre. But some go to both of them.

Muxia and Finisterre both are located at the shore of the ocean. We have decided to walk to Finisterre in the beginning of our journey. So when the time comes, we know which turn to take.

On ou way to Finiesterre, last day of Camino de Santiago

Today we are not the only ones on the trail. Time after time we see other pilgrims. With smaller and with bigger bags, some of them look like they have been walking quite a long time. Some of them – on the contrary, just this last piece.

We walk and we know that soon the ocean will appear in the view. Maybe after this hill. Or maybe after next one? Soon. And yes, here it is! Indeed it appears soon. After walking for another hour we finally see it. It is down there, just a stone’s throw away!

Finally, ocean, walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

We are walking down the hill on the steep and rocky trail and we meet the small group of pilgrims we have seen couple of times before. We say – hi – as usual, and they seem very surprised at the sight of me walking in flip flops, while I am carrying my boots in my hand.

Despite the fact that we have walked 15 km, my feet feel comfortable in the flip flops. I just need to be more careful and always look where I am putting my feet. At this moment, I realize that hiking in nice and comfy hiking sandals would be perfect for the summer.

We reach a town named Cee. It is nice and warm summer day. Well, at least for us. For the locals it isn’t warm at all, as it looks like. They wear winter clothes and scarves! All terraces are closed, as it isn’t high season yet.

Going down the hill, towards Cee, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

There are ATMs, shops, everything in this town, Cee. We are back in civilization! But I realize that actually I don’t want to be back, I want to go back to the trail, to the woods and fields, and hills! We withdraw money from an ATM, buy food in the supermarket and we eat it sitting on the bench in the town square. After one-hour rest we continue walking.

We walk through the town a little, but very soon the trail leads out of it. And again we are walking up the hill.

Before we reached the town we were walking down the hill, and now we need to go up the hill for some time, then again – walk down the hill – and finally there will be our destination. While we are walking, the ocean can be seen almost all the time.

Last day, walking Camino de Santiago, walking to Finisterre, Spain

We are very, very close to the ocean right now. I even see a deserted beach located between the cliffs. There is a path leading to it. I don’t want to miss the opportunity, so I start walking on the path towards the beach. Una and Edgars follow me, but Viesturs and my mum decide to go further.

We are at the beach, we put our packs and shoes (I – my flip flops, ha) in the sand and I step in the water. It is very cold, but it feels so good! We spend few minutes here, on this beach. Una finds few very beautiful scallop shells. The scallop shell is the symbol of Camino de Santiago.

On the first day of walking each of us have bought a big scallop shell and attached it to our packs. The ones Una have collected on this beach looks exactly the same, only smaller in size.

Edgars on the beach, walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

After 1 kilometer we arrive at a big beach. I see that Viesturs is going to the water. Apparently, he is going to swim. For a moment I just stand there and look in dirrection of water, and then… Edgars is running and then he jumps in the water!

OK, I take off my clothes and go for a swim, too. The water feels as cold as in the ocean in Portugal, in July. But for a short few minute, swim it is OK.

We spend only 20 minutes or so here, on this beach. We still need to reach Finisterre, which is very, very close now. And we still need to reach Faro de Fisterra which is the very tip of cape Finisterre. The name Finisterre derives from Latin and means “end of the earth”.

Relaxing on the beach, near Finisterre, walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

We reach the town and first thing first! We must find an albergue. We don’t look for it too long, we check in the first one we spot. The price is 12 Euro, breakfast is included. There is a nice kitchen with all the pots, dishes and cutlery. Good!

We leave our bags in the albergue and we go to a supermarket to buy some food. Now we are ready to go to the end of the earth!

3 more kilometers. Up the hill. A bend in the road, another one and another one. Straight ahead. And Finish!

The end of the earth, Cape Finisterre, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

Kaspars at The end of the earth, Cape Finisterre, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

Una at The end of the earth, Cape Finisterre, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

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