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Walking Camino de Santiago – Day 12, Walking Without Boots

A view of the hills - Camino de Santiago, Spain

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Kaspars’s diary of the adventure completed in spring 2013. Translated by Una.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is May 1. This morning is the wettest morning of our trip. It is not raining anymore, but everything is still wet. Yesterday evening we decided that we will wake up at 7:45. But in the end no one of us set an alarm, except Una. But everyone ignored Una’s alarm and waited for someone to get up first.

I didn’t hear Una’s alarm at all.

We wake up at around 9 o’clock and we go to have a breakfast in the nearest cafe. Yesterday in the evening when walking the last kilometers completely exhausted in the hills we saw a village or a town not so far away. This village where we are now isn’t that place we saw yesterday and as it turns out we never reach that place.

This village is very small, with only few houses. We are thinking where is the group of retired people whom we saw yesterday. We were faster and passed by yesterday and now we don’t see them in this albergue.

Everything is wet, the sky is cloudy, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

Today during breakfast again we see how many different kinds of breads are eaten here, in Spain. In this cafe they toast delicious baguetes. But we take only the small one, as we are concerned whether it will be burned and hard or no. But it is very tasty!

It is drizzling, meanwhile we are killing kilometers. We walk 10 kilometers – half of the planned distance. I am happy that my phone Sony Xperia Z is water resistant. I can place it in wet grass and take beautiful macros!

Wet grass, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

It is unbelievable – milestones match with our planned distance and Endomondo! Most of the times we walked more than GPS showed us, as in reality Camino has extra turns, bends and detours. Later today we are not surprised when a man who is walking back from Finisterre tells us the distance, which is as long as the maps show it. No more extra kilometers!

The road turns into a hilly forest trail. Hills are beautiful, as always. This time they seem yellow – that’s because of so many small, yellow flowers. They are growing on bushes, and the bushes are everywhere on these hills.

Here, on every hill we see wind turbines. We walk on curved and hilly paths. At one moment I see a huge rock and instantly I feel an urge to climb it. I run, then climb and then I am on top of it! I see where our road is going, and also an even bigger rock, which I would like to climb!

Wind turbines, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

I call out to others, that they can continue to walk. I take Una’s pack and both of us start climbing to reach that second big rock. After some time I am alone with two packs, as Una decides to go down. I run to the top of it. I look around. And shortly later I start to look for a better route for going down.

I decide to go just straight down through spiky bushes, which in some places are quite high – up to my waist. Well, soon I have no any other choice and way back, and I need to continue. I walk down very carefully, watching out of all the slippery rocks. Time after time I stop to take out small branches and leaves out of my boots.

I get down on the road, but first I need to climb over the barbed wire. I am soaked up to my waist, but I am happy as I have been where I wanted to. I take off my boots, pour out water and attach my wet socks to my pack. I meet Una, she is waiting for me. And we continue to walk.

I am walking in my flip flops. My boots are attached to one of the backpack’s straps and drying. Eventually we catch up with my mum and Viesturs and reach a small village, which has one cafe. There we see the retired people, say hello to them and continue to walk.

One of the reasons why we don’t stop here – you can not pay with a card here, in this cafe. But we don’t have almost any cash left.

Up the hill, again, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

Edgars is calling me. Again he is ahead of us. He has walked 22 km and tells me that there, where he is, is a village – Olveiroa. And that there is a cafe with few shelves of food (imagine cafe + grocery store). Two birds with one stone, so to say.

A store and a cafe that’s always nice. Edgars has bought lentils for dinner, for everyone. We reach the village and buy few more things. And here you can pay with a debit card! Great! We drink coffee with milk and eat few sweets. Then we can continue.

I am joking, that I will only stay in an albergue which has a fireplace. As I need to dry my boots!

The surroundings are very beautiful. This is the second most beautiful place, after the mountains of the second day of walking. We walk on rocky paths between yellow flowers. Those rocks on the path are beautiful, sleek and green colored. Unfortunalety, you can’t see this so good in the pictures.

Green rocks on the path, Walking Camino de Santiago, Spain

After one hour of walking we reach a village where we find an albergue. Today everything went as planned, no extra kilometers and so on.

And, you know what, the albergue even has a fireplace! Cool, hopefully my boots will be drier tomorrow. Unfortunately, we can’t pay with a card here, but Edgars has enough cash, so he lends us money.

Today we eat lentils. A lot of lentils. Lentils for dinner and lentils for a dessert, ha. Also we still have few sweets left. So we are well eaten and happy.

We sit in front of the fireplace and play cards for few hours. We feel calm and relaxed. The group of retired people don’t stay in this albergue. They only take a look on it and continue to walk.

Tomorrow we will reach Finisterre, destination of our journey.

Walking Camino de Santiago, Cloudy day, Spain

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