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2 Years Ago We Left Our Home to Travel the World

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It was October 11, 2013. Cloudy and grey day of Northern European autumn. And there we were, standing at the entrance of Riga International Airport, ready to start a new chapter of our lives. Worried about whether everything will go as planned with our bicycles (we were going to cycle across India after all) on that day we didn’t really have time to think and worry about anything else.

Tired from last weeks of preparations, getting-rid-of-all-our-belongings-and-so-on we wanted only one thing – safely land in India, hopefully with our bicycles with us, and that’s all.

luggage - cycling across India

Our luggage – 3 bicycles, tent, sleeping bags, camping equipment, clothing,…

Let it be whatever it will be in India. We were ready for it.

Yeah, we had no idea, what it was for what we were ready. But we were ready for it anyway. Or that’s what we were telling to everyone, who was asking us about this adventure. Somehow we felt confident, that everything will be fine. We felt, that 3 clever Latvians will be OK in India.

So we left Latvia just 4 months after idea about this adventure popped up in my mind. Yes, that soon!

Three of us and Indian family we stayed with, Patiala, Northern India

Three of us and Indian family we stayed with – Patiala, Northern India

What Will You Do After Traveling?

You know, you are all so excited about all the new things coming. You feel like you have just won million dollars. Simply because you have made this decision. You have decided – I will go to a country far away and I’m not coming back for at least some 6-12 months. You are getting ready for that great adventure.

To make things easier back then, we didn’t talk about this decision with anyone. We made it all alone.

So we were thinking, about how cool it will be.

But everyone wanted to know – when it’s going to end? Even before it started…

So at the end – this was the question we heard most. Everyone we were talking with about our upcoming adventure, asked us – what are you going to do next? When are you coming back? Will you get back your old job? Why you are giving away all your belongings? You will need so much money to get everything back, aren’t you worried about that?

Everyone was worried about these things, except us. We knew, when time comes we will sort these things out.

And at the end it took almost a year for our friends and relatives to understand, that we are not intended on coming back anytime soon. At least, not in a way they imagine that. But for one year at least once a week someone asked us, when are you coming back? Or – aren’t you homesick?

But from that we learned – it’s ok, if no one of people you know have done what you are planning to do. Or if those people understand your decision. Only thing important is, what you think about this step you are going to take. You think that’s something cool? Go for it and don’t look back!

Una - Canary Islands Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Heck, we didn’t even know, if we will like traveling at all. Though, we were excited about all the things coming (you know, when you imagine yourself standing by that impressive temple you have seen on National Geographic Channel), it still was our first time abroad for such a long period of time. But we had this feeling, that it might be a great adventure. We felt that it might be cool.

One Year Later

9 months later after that grey day of October 2013 we came back to Europe (it felt very strange). 11 months later we were back in Latvia with our families, relatives and friends.

You know, what was the strangest moment of all this adventure? Last minutes before getting on a plane to Latvia. When we felt like waking up from some beautiful dream. When everything we experienced during all these 11 months started to disappear in our minds, and we felt like returning to a “real life”.

But then… we were in Latvia. We were together with our families. We started to meet friends and relatives. We started to share our stories with them.

With journalists of Punjab state newspaper

With journalists of Punjab state newspaper

We talked about cycling across India. We talked about crazy Indian drivers. We told everyone how many kilos of cookies we ate in India (Kaspars ate about 50 kilos in 5 months) just because it was only edible you can get everywhere. We talked about beautiful beaches of Goa and chaos of Indian cities. We talked about living in Malaysia, and about advantages of volunteering. We showed everyone our pictures from Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. And now we could tell, how it is to live in a castle in France.

And that made us realize – IT WAS NOT JUST A DREAM.

It was something real. Something we both now wanted to return to. And we knew – we will do it!

It was autumn 2014, and at that time we had just 100 EUR left. But that didn’t stop us. We earned a little bit of money and left Latvia again.

Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong skyline

After 3 months in Latvia we went to Italy, and had our first bad Workaway volunteering experience. After that for one month we lived in “our French castle” again, helping our friends to run their B&B. But then 4 months in beautiful Fuerteventura, Canary Islands followed.

Creating a Memorable Life

Since June 2015 we are in the Netherlands. Working hard in a food production factory and saving money for the next step. For the step, that will start in less than 2 months from now.

December we will spend in Latvia with our families. But on January 1 we will return to India.

And this time another great adventure is waiting for us.

Now we know, what we want – we want to be free. We want to create a life, where it’s possible to travel whenever we want and wherever we want. To live in a places where we like not where we should, while doing things we love. Forever? Maybe forever.

Una cycling Bangkok Thailand

Cycling in Bangkok, Thailand

Our nearest future may look like this. First 5-6 months of 2016 we plan to spend in India, probably winter more in the South and spring in the North. But then we will slowly move further, exploring other countries of Asia and other parts of the world. And at the same time we will work on how-to-earn-money-while-traveling thing.

Don’t be afraid to do things your way!

“Life is the greatest journey you will ever be on.” – Unknown

Kaspars Misins

Author: Kaspars Misins

Kaspars is a long term traveler and a travel blogger from Latvia. He loves going on long walks, reading non fiction books and spending time outdoors. Together with his girlfriend Una they have been traveling – volunteering – working abroad since 2013. On We Are From Latvia they share their experience and things learned along the way.

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