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Why? Why Do You Want to Do This?

Kaspars hiking the Annapurna Circuit trek, Nepal

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s been a little bit more than 4 months since we are “back home” in Latvia. It’s the longest we have been in Latvia since 2013. And it’s hard. Right now it feels almost OK (on some days – very good) to be here. Because I know, that it’s just a couple more months and we’ll be in Thailand already. Later in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. But now we need to be here. And we need to work. I’m not complaining, though. It’s a trade-off, we are working hard now to take more time off in winter. It’s a choice.

However, there is one thing I’ve been thinking about often in these last months.

That’s something that might help you, if you are about to start a new and exciting venture, but aren’t sure, whether to do it or not.

The thing is – I’m genuinely surprised, that we left Latvia in the first place. That we started to travel. That we tried this new and exiting for us thing. Those who know me better, know how much I like to be abroad. And I don’t really need anything particular. I just need that new environment time after time, and that’s it, I’m happy. Because our planet is such a beautiful and interesting place. Having seen one part of it, I want more. I want mountains and beaches, cities and villages, deserts and forests.

So I’m not gonna surprise you now by saying, that I’m very, very happy that we did what we did.

And I know, what was our key to success.

Best Travel Daypacks, Kaspars and his daypack

We didn’t tell anyone about this our idea. It wasn’t on purpose, though.

We made a plan. Booked one-way ticket to India. And started to prepare for the adventure.

Only some 2 months before the trip, when handing in our resignation letters, we started to talk about it. Our parents were the only ones who knew about our idea at first. And even they learned about it only then, when we already knew, that it’s going to happen. We still had to buy plane tickets, but we knew – we gonna do it. What would happen if we would ask our friends and relatives their opinion first? I don’t know. But I’m not that sure that doing like this we would ever go on a long term trip to Asia, let alone this soon.

Why do I think so? Because there were crazy a lot of – why? Why do you want to do this? India? Why? Why for so long? What are you going to do afterwards? Why are you leaving your jobs? Giving away all your furniture and electronics? Why? A lot of why and only occasionally – oh, wow, that’s cool.

It’s discouraging to say the least. You surely don’t have all the answers. No one does.

But you don’t need to start talking about 5 months cycling trip across India to hear all that stuff. For example, now, when I’m in Latvia I’ve heard quite a lot of – why – from my dad and other relatives, and not only. When going to camp by the nearby lake. Waking up to run at 5 AM. Going out to meet people I don’t know, to answer their travel related questions. Walking a lot instead of taking public transport everywhere. When hitchhiking. Trying new food.

Why do you want to do this? Why do you want to sleep outside? It’s dangerous. Isn’t your bed comfortable enough? Should I give you money for the bus ticket? Why this? Why that?

Because I can. And because it’s f**king boring other way around.

6 thoughts on “Why? Why Do You Want to Do This?”

  1. thanks to you & other travellers we also have chosen the same path. I also expect many whys, in fact I expect more than receive – at first there is “wow, cool, can I visit you there?” & only some are asking why (the hell) we are doing this, but only some know as we are leaving in November. but anyway, if we haven’t read your (& other latvians) experience and tips&tricks, I would never have courage to do it. so… you can tell to those “kāpēcīši” that you are doing it also to inspire others :)

    1. That’s very cool to hear, that something you do can help and inspire others :) Congrats, hardest part is over! Making a decision to take the leap takes a lot of courage.

      Speaking about long term traveling, yes, it’s not for everyone. Like being a teacher, dj, doctor or just anything in the world. But you’ll never know if it’s something for you or not, if you’ll not give it a try. Especially if you have a feeling, that it might be something for you. Like in our situation with traveling.

  2. I have been there… and not only once… it is very very hard… Actually the hardest part of it all…Trying to explain yourself,, your decisions, your worries etc… It always feels like you are doing something wrong, when somebody starts to tell how crazy idea it is- leave the job, leave your family, friends, do couchsurfing, travel with no ticket back, hitchhike So we did similar by telling just before leaving.. Cause everyday you challenge yourself before leaving…with all the questions and doubts, so there is no need to hear it 10x from people around you.. Once you are in it..there is no comming back and such amazing freeing yourself and finally hearing your inner voice..

    1. “Cause everyday you challenge yourself before leaving…with all the questions and doubts, so there is no need to hear it 10x from people around you.. ” – Exactly!

  3. Eeee, baigi foršā bilde, un raksts! Ja var es pievienošu tavu titulbildi pie sava bilžu bloga, vācu bildes no daudz dažādām vietām. Protams ar atsauci uz tavu rakstu.

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