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Volunteering in the Castle – Burgundy, France

Chateau Burnand - France - Volunteering

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter having such a good experience in Malaysia, where we were volunteering on a charter yacht, we knew – our next volunteering experience is awaiting us. Still living and working in the same place, we started to look for the next one somewhere in Europe.

One week later and after dozen of sent and received messages we understood – if you plan to volunteer somewhere in Europe in summer, better plan ahead!

But then, here it was – a positive answer from some B&B in the castle, somewhere in the middle of France. “Let’s go to France?” we asked ourselves. Why not! Let’s go! And so two weeks later we boarded the plane going to Paris. And after three days in Paris we arrived to a small village with some 20 houses – Burnand.

Kaspars and Una cycling in Burgundy - Volunteering in the Castle - Burgundy, France

And again… we had no idea what to expect. How it is to work in hotel (B&B)?

Only this time everything seemed more organised from the very first moment. Jean and Ruud – our hosts (now good friends) – met us at the train station, in some 50 kilometers from the castle. They took us to the castle and showed the place. We got our private room up in the tower.

Next morning we started to work. And like in Malaysia things went well from the very beginning. Soon we were used to the place and how things are being done there, and we were working on our own.

Sculptures at Chateau de Burnand - Volunteering in the Castle - Burgundy, France

We stayed in the castle for more than a month – till the end of summer. And few months later we returned there to work for another 6 weeks in the winter. We love this peaceful place in the beautiful countryside of France.

What Were We doing:

  • Tasks releated to B&B. Cleaning rooms and doing laundry, time after time welcoming guests.
  • Taking care of animals. Feeding all animals, walking the dogs.
  • Helping with small repairs and gardening.

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