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Volunteering on a Charter Yacht – Langkawi Island, Malaysia

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It was end of February 2013. We already knew, that in a few weeks we are going from India to Malaysia. And we were eager to try volunteering. Without thinking about it for too long we registered on Workaway and sent out messages to all the places we liked (more than 10). We got two positive answers. And two days later it was decided – we are going to Langkawi island.

Our initial plan to go there right after arrival to Malaysia failed. Una fell from bicycle on our first night in Kuala Lumpur and fractured her finger. But nevertheless three weeks later, on the first days of April, we arrived to Langkawi island.

With no idea what to expect we went off the ferry. We got our bicycles – as we still were cycling – and cycled to the farm, a place where we would live for the next weeks.

Welcome to the farm!

Welcome to the farm!

On a place we met Aurie, a guy from Canada, who welcomed us. It was late evening already and it was starting to rain, so soon after that we went to our “house” – big tent with king size mattress and electricity in it. Later in the evening we met two more volunteers.

The next morning owner of the place came to meet us. We talked about things like what kind of help is currently needed and with what we can help with. And that’s it! Everything turned out to be very easy.

We liked the place. We saw how we can help here. From the very beginning our boss was satisfied with our work and that we didn’t need someone to look after us. And so less than a week later we agreed – we are staying for a month or two, or more.

Una stearing the dinghy - volunteering on yacht

Una steering the dinghy

At the end we spent there almost three months. Met a lot of people from around the world, learned new things and had a very good time.

What We Were Doing:

  • In the farm, where we were living. Taking care of 3 chickens, 6 ducks, cat and dog. Looking after the property and doing daily tasks like cleaning, grass cutting, small repairs.
  • On the yachts (our boss had two yachts). Helping with cooking, interacting with guests. Swimming and jumping in the sea from the yacht also was part of our duties, ha. Time after time we did some maintenance works.
  • Helping with social media, shopping.

going on yacht around Langkawi - volunteering on yacht

Read more about volunteering!

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      We found them via Workaway. As far as I know, they aren’t operating any more for a year or two. But you can find something similar on Workaway.

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