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29 Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ong Kong is a very special place. Everyone will find what to do in Hong Kong, whether you are more into modern metropolosises or you like to be surrounded by nature. Which may sound strange knowing that Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places on earth. But, yes, there is plenty of nature in Hong Kong as well. What else makes it interesting is that Hong Kong officially is a part of China. But at the same time you don’t really feel like in China there. I love Hong Kong.

To help you prepare for your trip to Hong Kong we have teamed up with a group of travel bloggers to create a list of the best things to do in Hong Kong. The list includes Hong Kong tourist attractions many travelers know about, as well as some off the beaten track places.

Is 3 days in Hong Kong enough for the first visit? It’s enough to visit some of the most popular sights and have a proper first impression, but you’ll definitely not be able to do all the things mentioned in this article.

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Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Now let’s take a look at the list – 29 best things to do in Hong Kong.

Activities are listed in no particular order.

1. Go to Victoria Peak

Hong Kong as seen from the Victoria Peak - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Flickr (trodel) on CC2.0 license.

While there might be many fun things to do in Hong Kong, I suggest visiting Victoria Peak if you had only a few hours in Hong Kong.

Victoria Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and to enjoy one of the most iconic views in Asia from Victoria Peak you can either hike up or use the Peak Tram (the ticket is included in several sightseeing bus tours e.g.). The view of the city and Victoria Harbour is breathtaking (though I recommend not visiting on a foggy day) and thus my number one tips for best things to do in Hong Kong.

Recommended by Arzo,

2. Ride the Hong Kong Star Ferry Across Victoria Harbour

Riding the Star Ferry in Hong Kong - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Rachel,

For one of the best and cheapest views of the Hong Kong skyline, take a ride on the iconic Star ferry. A single 10 minute ride across the harbour costs only $2.7 HKD. If you want to explore a little longer, a circular 1 hour trip costs only $105 HKD.

The charming wooden ferries have been carrying passengers across the harbour since 1888. They are one of the bustling city’s most famous icons. My top tip is to take the ferry from Kowloon to Tsim Tsa Tsui-Central at sunset or at night. The impressive views of the city skyline are not something you will soon forget.

Recommended by Rachel,

3. Have a Dim Sum Breakfast at Tim Ho Wan

Dim Sum - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pixabay on CC0 license.

If you’re a fan of Michelin Star restaurants, but not their price tag, add humble Tim Ho Wan to the top of your Hong Kong foodie bucket list. It’s the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world.

Opened by Chef Mak Kwai Pui’s of 3 Michelin-starred restaurant Lung King Heen, Tim Ho Wan serves quality dim sum at a down and dirty price. It’s so cheap that you can have an entire meal for just $5 USD per person.

I recommend ordering the signature Char Siu Bao, steamed beef balls and Siu Mai. If you really want to go crazy though, you could order every single item on the menu for around $75 USD!

To avoid waiting in line for too long, show up early, or really late. Keep in mind that in Hong Kong, dim sum is eaten for breakfast. There are multiple locations of Tim Ho Wan, with some areas being much busier than others. Choose accordingly. And enjoy!

Recommended by Shelley,

4. Eat Peking Duck in Hong Kong

Restaurant in Hong Kong - Eat Peking Duck in Hong Kong - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Peking Duck is both a local and luxurious dish that Hong Kong does just perfectly!

Make your way to old-school Spring Deer for authentic crispy skin Peking Duck and soft pancakes plus other familiar Cantonese dishes like prawn toast, wonton soup, and sweet and sour pork. Book a reservation in advance and alert the restaurant that you are ordering Peking Duck.

A dinner for two is less than $100 USD. The set dinner with Peking Duck is the way to go here to enjoy a start to finish iconic Hong Kong experience.

Spring Deer is open daily for lunch and dinner service, located 2F, 42 Mody Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, China. You can read more about Spring Deer on TripAdvisor – they are so classic there is no website!

Recommended by Cerise,

5. Go on a Food Tour in Hong Kong, Mongkok

Eating during the food tour in Hong Kong - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Lena,

If you love Asian food and are bold enough to try something different, I can recommend you to do a food tour in Hong Kong with Eating Adventures.

The food tour costs around $690 HKD for one adult and you can choose to do it in Mongkok on the mainland or Hong Kong Island. The guide speaks English well, is very chatty, and will tell you lots of things about life in Hong Kong. She will take you places you never would have walked in by yourself and you will taste things you probably never would have tasted otherwise, like snake soup, which is by the way super delicious.

The tour lasts for approximately 3 hours and you should wear comfy shoes. Since you will be walking you get to see a lot, including sides of Hong Kong that are not on a tourist map. Hong Kong is safe and although we walked in a few off the path places we never felt unsafe.

Recommended by Lena,

6. Have an Afternoon Tea at The Peninsula Hotel

A cup of tea - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Wanna sit down somewhere to chill for a bit or have a meeting to organize in Hong Kong? Why not go for an afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hotel. Of course, it’s not the only place where they serve afternoon tea in Hong Kong. But it’s one of the best options if you want to do it in style.

Book a table at The Peninsula!

7. Stay for a Night at Chunking Mansions

Mans hand - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Or more than for a night if you want to make it as cheap as possible. While staying the very heart of the city.

In a tiny room with a tiny bathroom. Like a real backpacker.

Chunking Mansions is a complex of several buildings where tens of cheap hotels could be found. It’s where you can find the cheapest accomodation in Hong Kong. And it’s not necessarily going to be bad hotel room. It’s just that the worst ones can be very unpleasant to stay there. If you will want to splurge, here are some of the best hotels in Hong Kong for amazing views.

8. Go for a Stroll to Kowloon Park

Woman in the park - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Or simply to chill out. It’s a peaceful place right in the middle of the concrete jungle, located very close to Chunking Mansions.

In the park there is a bird lake and bird aviary with quite a few very beautiful birds in it.

9. Ride the Hong Kong’s Iconic Double-Decker Tram

Tram in Hong Kong - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Board the tram and go straight for the second floor. If a seat in the very front is available, then take it. Enjoy the cityscape of Hong Kong Island! Go until the very last stop, get out there for a walk and later take another tram going back. Ticket is dirt cheap.

10. Have Fun at Hong Kong Disneyland

Woman at Hong Kong Disneyland - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest of the Disney parks but don’t be fooled by its size. It’s still a great park for everyone. It’s also the cheapest ($ 619 HKD per adult, which is around $ 80 USD for a day ticket).

There’s a lot to see and do, and we absolutely loved it! The characters are awesome, the rides (on a Wednesday in May) had no line at all, and the parades and shows are great. It’s definitely a must for families, but I’m sure everyone would enjoy it!

Location: Lantau Island, around 10-minutes away from the airport on a taxi.

Recommended by Thais,

11. Stroll Along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

A view from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Constance,

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is known for one of the best views of the Hong Kong skyline.

From here, you can get an amazing view of the city from the Sheung Wan district all the way to Causeway Bay and beyond. The view is particularly beautiful on a clear night or during golden hour, and best of all, it’s free! You can take a relaxing stroll along the promenade and snap photos.

There’s even The Symphony of Lights show every night at 8 PM where choreographed lights on the lit-up skyline dance along with music. You can easily visit this spot and more in a 3 day trip to Hong Kong!

Recommended by Constance,

12. Cycle From Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk

Man riding a bicycle - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Rent a bicycle and cycle the most well-known cycling route in Hong Kong.

Where to get a bicycle in Hong Kong? There are bike rental shops both next to the MTR stop at Tai Wai (Exit A) and near the Sha Tin station (at Sha Tin park).

Total distance (one way): around 13 miles / 21 kilometers.

13. Join a Junk Boat Party Cruise

A woman on a boat - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Do you have anything to celebrate? Here you can do it on a boat.

Does a visit to Hong Kong count as a reason to celebrate? It surely does. Read more about the best junk boat party packages in Hong Kong here.

14. Visit 10,000 Buddhas Monastery

Buddhas - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is a unique temple located in the New Territories with fantastic views.

Contrary to its name, you will actually find over 13,000 Buddhas throughout the grounds. It’s a steep climb to the temple, but it’s lined by life-sized Buddhas. Inside the temple you will find thousands of mini-Buddhas, three large Buddha statues and the embalmed remains of the Reverend Yuet Kai, the founder of the Monastery. Climb a little more and you will see more Buddhas, the Monastery (which is not a working one), and a waterfall.

Admission to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is free.

Recommended by Anisa,

15. Pay a Visit to Tai O Village

Tai O Village - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Rachel,

We think of Hong Kong as being this bustling, crowded city full of tall skyscrapers and Lantau Island as a greener, less densely-packed part of the city. Tourists go to Lantau to see the Big Buddha, taking a scenic cable car ride up to it. However, there’s another side to Lantau: the village of Tai O.

At a distance, Tai O is picturesque: a jumble of colorful small houses on stilts, fishing boats moored among them. Closer up, they’re much less pretty, but still fascinating. This is a glimpse of traditional life in Hong Kong, without the glitz of the big cosmopolitan city. Make sure to stroll through the seafood market, and you can also hire a boat to see the stilt houses from the water.

To get there, take the metro to Tung Chung station, then take a bus on the twisty mountain road up and then down to the village. Read this article about Tai O for more information and photos.

Recommended by Rachel,

16. Visit Tai Kwun Centre For Heritage And Arts

A painting - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

If you are into art and you are in Hong Kong, then this is the place to be.

Learn more about the center here.

17. Hike to a Remote Beach (Sai Wan) and a Waterfall

Jumping from the top of waterfall in Hong Kong - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Liza,

Hong Kong has absolutely amazing nature and is one of the best destinations for hiking in Asia.

Sometimes hikes can be rewarding as well. For example, if you get to Sai Wan Pavillion and hike for an hour, you not only will find a gorgeous remote beach (it was absolutely empty when I hiked there with my friends) but also you’ll find an impressive waterfall called Sheung Luk stream. If you’re risky enough, you can jump from the top of it.

Recommended by Liza,

18. Walk the Lung Yuek Tau Heritage Trail

A hat - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

The trail is one of six listed out by the Hong Kong government. It’s a small history walking tour that you can do yourself at anytime. All you have to do is get yourself access to data or wifi and follow the trail by using the website.

The Lung Yuek Tau trail focuses on the pre-British government period of Hong Kong and showcases historical buildings belonging to the Tang clan. The Tang clan is the largest and one of the oldest clans found in New Territories. Their family history spans more than 60 generations in modern day Hong Kong. That’s pretty impressive since the average Hong Konger will only have 3 before they find their nearest relative living in Mainland China.

Recommended by Winnie,

19. Go Late Night Squid Fishing

Fishing boat - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

Of all the types of fishing available in Hong Kong, squid fishing has to be the most fun. It’s an activity that can only be done at night. You can join a squid fishing tour and hop on a yacht to watch the squid swim up to the surface as you shine bright lights down to the water.

Most of these tours will also offer to cook your freshly caught squid on the boat. A fun activity and a meal in one!

The fishing season starts from April to October, and will cost you anywhere from $100 – 300 HKD a fishing session, depending on how many people and what kind of boat/yacht you hire.

Recommended by Winnie,

20. Hike the Dragon’s Back

Dragon's Back in Hong Kong - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Dorothy,

While Hong Kong is known for its giant skyscrapers and bustling markets, it is also surrounded by mountains giving visitors easy access to nature. One of my favorite activities in Hong Kong is actually hiking the Dragon’s Back trail. The hike offers incredible views of Hong Kong Island and the surrounding waters. It is named for the ridge line at the top that goes up and down like a dragon’s back, which gives hikers a completely unobscured view!

You can easily take public transportation to the Dragon’s Back trailhead and a clearly marked path leads you up stairs to the ridge and back down. Overall the hike is about 2 hours to the end or you can turn around mid-way.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this lesser-known (but awesome) side of Hong Kong on your next trip!

Recommended by Dorothy,

21. Go Hiking on Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Lamma Island in Hong Kong - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Kathleen,

Lamma Island is the third largest island of Hong Kong and is known for its abundance of nature and scenery giving the island a rather laid-back and peaceful atmosphere.

The best way to explore Lamma is to go on a walking trail – start at Main Street and head towards Hung Shing Ye Beach, after which you continue to walk up the hill and follow signs to Sok Kwu Wan. The 14 km walking trail takes you up and over the island’s mountainous terrain along the coast, giving you beautiful scenery of the coast overlooking the South China Sea… and clean air.

The trail ends near a row of seafood restaurants from which you can reward yourself with lip-smacking delicious seafood!

Recommended by Kathleen,

22. Buy an iPhone

iPhone - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

No, I’m not joking. Why not save some money if you are traveling to Hong Kong anyway?

Even though the situation has changed and Apple products in Hong Kong aren’t among the cheapest in the world anymore, they are still cheaper than probably in your homeland. And in Hong Kong they also sell refurbished Macbooks and iPads, which often basically are brand new products with warranty from Apple but sold with a significant discount. Because there have been some problems with this particular laptop or tablet, that are now fixed.

23. Check Out Golden Computer Arcade

Gadgets - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

The Golden Computer Arcade is a big shopping mall selling all kind of electronics. It’s like Ebay on the street. And prices here are similar as low. A place worth a visit even if you don’t plan to buy any new gadgets. You may change your mind after getting there, though. It happens.

24. Visit Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Bright green parrot in Kuala Lumpur Bird park

Did you know that there is a zoological garden in Hong Kong? There is one and it’s a pretty good one. Especially taking into account that admission is free. There you can see Bornean orangutan, sloth, ring-tailed lemur, emperor tamarin, as well as some 30 different species birds and tortoises.

To get there take MTR until Admiralty Station, take Exit B. Walk along Garden Road for 15 – 20 minutes.

Park is open daily, admission – free. For opening hours check out their website.

25. Ride a Cable Car to the Big Buddga

Cable car - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

The Tian Tan Buddha is the second largest outdoor sitting Buddha in the world. The impressive statue of Buddha and the cable car going there are both among the best known Hong Kong attractions. Getting to Buddha by cable car takes around 25 minutes. It’s a pretty long ride so sit down and enjoy the beautiful sights of the less developed part of Hong Kong.

You can also go on a hike to Buddha.

Location: Lantau Island.

To get there take a metro (MTR) and get out at Chung Station, take Exit B. From there take a cable car.

26. Hike the Hong Kong Waterworks Trail

Hiking the HongKong Waterworks trail - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo by Chris,

Everyone knowns Hong Kong for the skyscraper skylines and the busy city life. There is however a secret hiking trail on Hong Kong islands. It’s called the Hong Kong waterworks trail.

Dams built in the time Hong Kong was British collect water here. The lakes and streams are surrounded by green trees and the best thing is you won’t see any car. Entrance to the park is free at Tai Tam Road towards Stanley. When you pass a huge lake it’s on the right hand just after the lake. Make sure to bring enough drinking water as there isn’t anything available in the park. There are various trails and you can hike all the way up to Violet Hill if you’re up to it. Plan a day!

Recommended by Chris,

27. Go on a Helicopter Tour Over Hong Kong

A helicopter - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

To take a look at Hong Kong from above!

28. Go on a Day Trip to Macao

Skyscrapers - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

1 hour on a boat and you can be in Macao, another impressive city, known also as Asia’s “Las Vegas”.

However, if we compare the numbers Macau (and not Las Vegas) is the largest gaming hub in the world.

29. Have a Drink in the Highest Bar in the World

A drink in the glass - Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

Photo via Pexels on CC0 license.

What a better way to end a trip to Hong Kong?

Where? Ozone bar at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, on the 118th floor.

For timings and reservations click here.

Have you been to Hong Kong? Is there something else you would add? Some more interesting places to visit in Hong Kong?

Featured photo: via Pexels.

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