Bangkok from above - Getting from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road

Getting from Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road for Under $2

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Getting from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road is very easy. Like in every major city in Bangkok there are several options, how you can travel from the airport to city center. And Khao San Road is near city center. If you want the easiest way, then you will need to choose between taxi, private airport transfer and express bus.

In case you are 2 or 3 people traveling together, then private airport transfer or taxi might be better choice than a bus. A taxi ride from the airport to Khao San Road should cost around 350 – 400 baht.

But if you are alone, then Bangkok airport bus will be much better choice for you. At the airport just look for the bus AE-2. This bus will take you all the way from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is the main airport in Bangkok, to Khao San Road. One way ticket costs 150 baht (about 4 EUR/USD). Bus operates from 5 AM until midnight.

However if you want to save a few bucks, then there is one more, even cheaper, option to get from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khao San Road.

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Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road – by Train and Bus (the Cheapest Way)

At first you will need to take Bangkok Airport Rail link. It’s a modern train, which will take you to the Phya Thai BTS Station, less than 5 kilometers away from Khao San Road. To find the train look for signs inside the airport! Before getting on the train you will need to buy a ticket (token), similar like on a metro.

One way ticket costs 45 baht. Journey is about 30 minutes long.

Get out at the last stop – Phya Thai! Now you need to find the right bus stop. You need bus 59. Pay attention, when going out of the Phya Thai station, do not cross the road. Ok! So now you are outside, standing on the side of the road. Road is in front of you. And Phya Thai station is above you. Go to the right.

Bus station is only 600 meters away from you, in front of Century Movie Plaza. At the bus stop there is also written, which buses are stopping there.

Bus ride from this stop to Khao San Road costs 16 baht.

Total costs: 45 + 16 = 61 baht (about 1,7 EUR/USD).

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Should I Stay at Khao San Road?

I would say yes.

If only you aren’t coming to Bangkok to live there, or to stay for a month or two. When it might be too tiring to be in such a lively neighborhood for too long. Otherwise it’s just a really good location, from where to explore Bangkok. What to do in Bangkok? If you need tips check out this list of interesting things you can do in Bangkok.

Everything always is just around the corner. And, nope, it’s not that crazy loud if you are worried. Just don’t stay in a hotel or hostel on Khao San road itself. Book something one or two blocks away, and you will be perfectly fine.

Khao San Road - Getting from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road

Khao San Road – Getting from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road

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