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Your 6 Dollar Kerala Backwaters Tour (+photos)

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If there is something everyone going to Kerala have heard about it’s Kerala backwaters. And when you are reading about things one should do when traveling to Kerala, state in the South of India, taking Kerala backwaters tour is what stands out. For a lot of people it’s a number one activity they want to experience in Kerala. And tens of tour operators are here just because of that.

Not without a reason, I must say. As traveling through backwaters of Kerala gives you a unique chance to see and experience another side of India. Beautiful, green and so different from anything else.

What makes a tour through this system of canals and lakes even more desirable is that it’s not something made only for tourists. And it’s not the case like with most of the historical monuments and buildings, significant and important hundreds of years ago, but more like just another building nowadays. Sorry, I’m not a fan of historical buildings!

Backwaters of Kerala are used by local people nowadays as they were used centuries ago. In some parts of Kerala, like in Kollam region, there are more waterways than roads. People living there depend on this canal and lake system. People are traveling around by boats. They are transporting all kind of things by boats. Children go to school by boats. And the list goes on.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many options how you can experience backwaters of Kerala. You can spend there few hours or few weeks. You can go together with a group, as well as you can rent a private house boat – your private floating house with a chef and servants on board.

How Can You Go on a Kerala Backwaters Tour for 6 Dollars?

Use a Tourist Boat Service Between Kollam & Alappuzha run by Kerala State Water Transport Department.

It’s a daily boat service. And it starts at 9:30 every day from Kollam and Allapuzha. Whole journey is about 8 hours long and will take you all the way from Kollam to Allapuzha (from Allapuzha to Kollam if you start there). Ticket for the whole ride costs 400 INR, which now, in March 2016, is about 6 USD/5,5 EUR. If you are going only part of this route, it costs less. For up to date rates check out the website of Kerala State Water Transport Department.

Half way through the ride boat stops for a lunch at a local restaurant where you can have a inexpensive, simple and tasty vegetarian meal. Well, I can’t guarantee this part, but that’s our experience.

Go on a week day and there will be less people. For example, when we were going on this tour, only half of seats were taken.

Think about booking a hotel in advance. Because it will be already about 5:30 PM when you will arrive at your destination.

Photos From Our “6 Dollar Kerala Backwaters Tour”

Kerala backwaters tour

Our boat

House Boat - Kerala backwaters

House Boat

3 Kerala backwaters tour

Man transporting goods by boat

4 Kerala backwaters tour

Kerala backwaters tour

5 Kerala backwaters tour

Kerala backwaters tour

Fields in Kerala - Kerala backwaters tour

Fields in Kerala

7 Kerala backwaters tour

Hay is being transported by boat in Kerala

8 Kerala backwaters tour

One more house boat

9 Kerala backwaters tour

Kerala backwaters tour

10 Kerala backwaters tour

Kerala backwaters tour

11 Colorful boats - Kerala Backwaters

Colorful boats

12 Colorful boats - Kerala backwaters tour

Few more colorful boats

13 Indian man working by the canal in Kerala

Kerala backwaters tour

14 Fisherman - Kerala backwaters tour


15 Fishing nets - Kerala backwaters tour

Fishing nets

Floating grocery store - Kerala backwaters tour

Floating grocery store

Man and woman coming back from shopping - Kerala backwaters tour

Man and woman coming back from shopping

Church - Kerala Backwaters tour


Sunset over Kerala backwaters

Sunset at the end of our  tour

Have you been to Kerala? Did you go on a backwater tour?

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