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Traveling Around the Globe. Story of Zane Enina

Sculpturs on Easter island and Zane Enina next to them

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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ew months ago we published an article called “Latvian adventurers you need to know about”. We told you about brave and adventurous people from Latvia. But then we talked just about few of them, and we didn’t include ones who don’t have a blog in English. And so people like Zane Enina – who have traveled to almost every corner of the world – stayed out from this list.

But, as we Latvians say, better later than never. And so here it comes, interview with our fellow Latvian traveler Zane Enina.

– Please, Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself!

I’m Zane, 37, and like the most of your blog “heroes”, I’m from Latvia. I love telling people that I come from Latvia (Lettonie, Lettland) and then look at their reaction. A lot of people have no idea such a place exists on the earth so I do my little promotional job.

But other know Riga, some can recognize our people who are excellent in something, like tennis player Ernests Gulbis or chess guru Mihails Tals, but some have even been in Latvia.

Back home I used to work in marketing and public relations – did this work for more than 15 years, but now I’m traveling and blogging about my adventures. You are welcome to take a look at – stories are in Latvian, but pictures in English.

 – Where Are You Now? How Do You Like It There?

I’m no a trip exploring South and Central America. So far I have been in Ecuador, Peru, Easter Island and now chilling in the middle of Chile. It’s great here. South America has a perception of being quite dangerous place but so far I can tell only good things.

Of course, you should be careful, I’ve met a lot of people who has been robbed, but in general I find this continent very welcoming and beautiful.

Zane Enina Machu Picchu - Traveling Around the Globe

Zane Enina at Machu Picchu – Traveling Around the Globe

– Do You Already Know  Where Are You Going Next?

In a few days I’ll start to move South – going through all Patagonia until I’ll reach Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia. My next goal is to get to Antarctica and yesterday night I had an idea for fundraising money for that, let’s see – will it work.

– How Much Do You Carry with Yourself?

Basically, my backpack has almost the same content on every travel. Ok, a cloth selection depends a bit on the weather conditions of the place I’m heading to, but everything else – same same.

In my case, half of the bag consists of gadgets, they are my weakness and my work tools – I carry with myself a laptop, two cameras, a GPS device, a phone. And, as you know, they all have wires and batteries. Other things are sleeping bag, cloth, basic hygiene stuff.

– How and When Your Wanderlust started?

I think since I was born. I was reading all books what described a real and imagined travels and felt so involved and jealous. And then, one day, I just started to do it myself.

– Are You a Planner or Spontaneous Traveler?

A mix of both, but more spontaneous. I’m too lazy for planning and I think the best experiences arrives when you just embrace what is coming and follow the random choices more that travel guides. But, of course, sometimes you need some planning – for example now I’m making a rough plan for my Patagonia route, sending some requests to Couchsurfing hosts.

But the main thing is not to hold to your plan too tight – if you see some outstanding opportunity on your way, just grab it and adjust your initial plan.

Hichhiking in Ecuador Zane Enina - Traveling Around the Globe

Zane Enina hichhiking in Ecuador – Traveling Around the Globe

– If Now You Would Think About Settling Down, Which 3 Places You Would Think About?

Latvia, Latvia and Latvia.

I’m just such a big fun of our country. Actually only few days ago, first time in my travels, I had an idea that maybe it could be midland of Chile as well, because I was so amazed how many plants and trees here are the same as in Latvia, it brings a small feeling of home. But, of course, you can’t replace people.

– What is Your Favorite Food So Far?

I really try to enjoy the variety what every place can offer, in most cases I like it. But I can’t name a one particular dish. From regions one of my favorites are Southeast Asia, I love the way they are cooking food – so fast and simple.

I also like food in many European countries. If you want to bribe or delight me, you can’t go wrong with any type of seafood or cheese.

– Is There a Country or a Place You Definitely Don’t Want to Return to?

No, I can’t use a word “definitely” in this case.

I’m not a big fan of big cities of Stan’s cos’ they have way too much soviet architecture; Florida is not a place for me in USA, Australia is nice but too expensive if you don’t live there. I almost haven’ t been in Africa but I don’t have an urge going there.

Iskandarkul lake, Tajikistan - Traveling Around the Globe

Iskandarkul lake, Tajikistan – Traveling Around the Globe

But I definitely want to go back to Asia, French Polynesia, Canada, New Zealand and many more places.

– What is the Most Daring Thing You Have Ever Done While Traveling?

I’m actually not as crazy as people think I am. Some people are considering – going to another country alone is already daring. Ok, I couch-surf a lot (not dangerous at all) and hitchhike (a bit more dangerous). I usually love to get away from tourist tracks and stay with locals or walk around alone, and I really trust strangers and what they are offering (no bad experiences (also trust my gut feeling)).

I’ve jumped in a waterfall in Indonesia, made some crazy scooter rides in Bali and Bahamas, did canopy rides in Ecuador, climbed a steep rock wall in Kyrgyzstan, walked 900 km of Camino de Santiago – of course, every time you have to overcome some fears in you, but as we love to say in Latvia – “nothing special”.

Swingin in Amazonas Zane Enina - Traveling Around the Globe

Zane swingin in Amazonas – Traveling Around the Globe

I always say that having kids are way too much daring that all things I’ve done.

– So I Have an Idea, Where I Want to Go to. How to Stop Dreaming and Turn That Dream into Reality?

The shortest and easiest answer is “just do it”. Simple as that. The most common “mistake” of dreamers is that they only dream and never make a single action to make their dreams come through.

And it’s not only about travelling, it’s about everything in your life – if you want to do something, stop dreaming, stop planning – start doing! If you don’t know what or how to do – ask your mother or google. Or someone else. People are willing to help, indeed. This is as banal as Coelho describe it.

Ok, travelling. For example, you want to come to South America (SA) and visit me. Start by searching a plane ticket – go through some airline ticket comparison sites like Skyscanner or Kayak, look at low cost airline web sites (to get to the city which has a connection to SA), subscribe for promotional deals from travel agencies.

You’ll find your deal. The more flexible your destination and travel time are, the best chances to get the lowest price. When you arrive in SA, it’s ok to land in another country, you can use a relatively cheap ground transportation to get to the place I’ll be at that moment of time.

Then look for accommodation. Don’t be picky, choose a hostel (hostelbookers, hostelworld, etc.) or try out Couchsurfing, it’s the best. Or why not Workaway? Or call me.

And then – just keep your eyes and mind open, do whatever you want – visit museums or bars, hike or ride, drink or dive. Ok, who’s coming?

Yoga in Ecuador Zane Enina - Traveling Around the Globe

Doing yoga in Ecuador – Traveling Around the Globe

All pictures used in the article are from Zane’s personal archive.

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