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Bergamo as seen from above - Italy

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t that very moment, when we still were in Malaysia and when we were planning our trip back to Europe thinking also about going to Latvia later after. Even then we already knew, that it will be returning home only for some time. To meet family and friends, and take a rest for 2-3 months. Because we knew – we want to travel more. To go and see new countries and cities, to stop in some of them and live for some time.

We never thought about Italy as a possible next destination since recently when we had to change our plans completely. We had another plan, we were planning to return to Asia for a year or more. But then at some moment everything changed. Something we were planning for longer time appeared not possible any more. But we didn’t give up. We started to look around for another possibilities and there it was.

In the beginning of December we are going to Italy as Workaway volunteers. All the last months we were telling everyone how cool Workaway is, but now we have decided to do a few more volunteering projects ourself. And we will start in Italy.

Do you know some good Workaway project in Europe, where help is needed this winter or spring? Send us a message!

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