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Langkawi in One Day: Here is What You Can Do

Kaspars on a scooter in Langkawi island, Malaysia

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[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s start with the transport. As there is no public transportation system on Langkawi island, only taxi, you will need to think about it first. We recommend you to rent a scooter in Langkawi. One of the most popular places, where to rent it, is located just by the ferry terminal. Scooter rent for one day will cost you just slightly higher than some 10 kilometer taxi drive on the island – about 30 or 40 ringgits (about 7.5 – 10 EUR). If you rent a scooter for a week, few weeks or a month daily price could be even 3-5 times lower.

When renting a scooter in Langkawi they might ask you to pay a deposit as well – usually it is 100 – 200 ringgits. And you get it back, when you return a scooter.

So, now you have rented a scooter and ready to go. Here is our plan for one day in Langkawi!

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Go Up the Gunung Raya Hill – Highest Peak of Langkawi

Going up there with scooter will take you about 40 – 60 minutes. And it’s absolutely worth it. From the top of the mountain and from the road leading up you will have a very good view of Langkawi island, rain forest and and all the small islands surrounding Langkawi island.

Peak is reachable also by stairs (4000+ steps). If you are into hiking, we recommend you also to go up the hill by stairs. To get to them turn right shortly after Mardi Fruit farm, when coming from the Kuah city. If you are in a good shape, going up and down the hill will take you about 1.5 – 2 hours in total. Read more about Gunung Raya and how to get there (+ see our photos)!

Explore Rural Parts of Langkawi

When you will get down from Gunung Raya, turn to the left, go straight and look for some of the smallest roads going either to the right or to the left. Riding a scooter on these only about 1 m wide roads in 1 hour you will see much more than from main roads during all the day. Rice fields, water buffalos, banana plantations, houses of local people.

To avoid getting lost for too long (Langkawi isn’t big, you can always find the right way), don’t forget to take your phone with some GPS navigation app like Google Maps with you.

Swim in the Natural Pools by the Base of Seven Wells Waterfall

After relaxing in cool water go up the stairs through the rain forest further to the top of the waterfall. Stairs are on the right side of the waterfall. In total it’s about 15 minute walk up. From there you will have an amazing view of the bay and Pantai Kok (Kok beach).

Few minute ride away from Seven Wells waterfall there is a cable car. If you aren’t on very tight budget and/or it’s not too cloudy day, then we definitely recommend you to try it out. Views from there are even better than from the top of the waterfall.

Swim at Pantai Kok or Pantai Cenang

Both beaches are reachable from Seven Wells waterfall within an hour. If you are on a bike, of course.

Enjoy Sunset at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Sunsets there are especially beautiful – a lot of boats and red sky. Amazing! Look at that picture below!

Visit a Night Market for Dinner

There is night market every day on Langkawi island. Only every day it’s in a different place. There you can try a lot of local food, buy fruits, some souvenirs and clothing. We like these markets mostly because of food. Despite the fact that there you can buy different Langkawi souvenirs as well it’s not a touristy thing at all.

More information about night markets in Langkawi (+ a map).

sunset Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Check out our pictures of Langkawi!

Do you have any more questions about traveling in Malaysia? Check out our other articles about this country (we have quite a few of them) and do not hesitate to contact us!

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