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Hong Kong Disneyland (+VIDEO)

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When a few weeks ago we decided to travel to Hong Kong, we did not really had any ideas about what we are going to do there. We planned to see the city and go out to see nature. Going there itself was big adventure for us. And then, similar to that how we found that flight offer to Hong Kong, I found information that there is Disneyland in Hong Kong. Sounds nice, I thought. Is it open? Yes. What’s the ticket price? 450 HK$ or 45 EUR. It is OK. Let’s go to Disneyland!

And so we did! We went to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland is easy. Metro from the city is going directly to Disneyland, but ticket price is even lover as for similar trip inside the city. Disneyland is close to the airport, but ticket price is like 4 times lover than ticket to the airport. Tickets are available online and at the entrance of the park. Ours we bought online and printed at the entrance. The only thing we need was credit card, with which we paid for these tickets.

One day ticket or two day ticket? Price difference is small. After a little research online we decided to buy a one day ticket. And it was right decision. Because Disneyland in Hong Kong isn’t too big, so one day is fully enough. At about 3 PM we had already walked through all the park and tried out all the attractions, few of them even more that one time.

We attended only one show. We just were at the right place and at the right time, shortly before the start of the show and queue wasn’t too long. It was “Mickey’s Philharmagic”. At first minutes I thought that it’s just some 3D video, worst that I have seen in my life. But then everything became very, very interesting.

Here you can see a video from our time in Disneyland:

Overall, Disneyland is one really cool place. Nothing extreme and scary, but still very interesting also for adults. For us a little bit scary were only 3-4 attractions, and even those were not as scary as you probably can imagine and have seen in other theme parks.

It’s beautiful everywhere in Disneyland. In some places it’s incredibly beautiful and interesting. So interesting, that you just can’t get enough of it and you want to go there one more and then one more, and then even one more time, just to see that beauty. That’s what we did in one of the attractions, which in video you will recognize by the appearance of an old man and a monkey. We loved that place!

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