Mountains near Kuala Lumpur

Dragon’s Back Hike in Kuala Lumpur

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Do you remember how was our arrival to Malaysia? Pretty crazy. Later on we learned that Una’s fingers injury is more serious than we though initially. So with at least one more week in Kuala Lumpur, we started to think, what else we could do here. Apart from skyscraper sightseeing. One evening I was out running. And then a thought popped up in my mind – Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by mountains, we must climb one of them. Google helped to find the right one – the Dragon’s Back summit in unique Klang Gates Quartz Ridge.

So on the next morning, while Una was still sleeping, we with Viesturs went out. At first we needed to walk for 5 kilometers to get to the start of the trek, to a place which I had found yesterday. I didn’t research if it’s the place, where the trek really starts, I just assumed, that it should be the right one.

UPDATE: Here is my new & updated article about the hike + photos.

trail Kuala Lumpur

Trail ended after some minutes, but we continued to walk.

no more trail Kuala Lumpur

We used dried out stream to climb up. 1 kilometer took us 30 minutes. Till we reached trail again. In moments like this you understand, why in movies they always have machetes. And, yes, neither sandals nor flip flops are the best footwear for such a jungle walk.

trail continues Kuala Lumpur

not far from the peek Kuala Lumpur

But we did that, we climbed to the top. Sky was completely white. All around you can see only smog and few of closest peaks. No signs of any skyscrapers.

only smog around us Kuala Lumpur

smog and rocks Kuala Lumpur

big rocks Kuala Lumpur

For the climb down we chose the other side. Our water was finishing, but we didn’t want to climb down the same way. Trail (we thought it was trail) on the sleep slope soon disappeared, but the angle of the slope became close to 45 degrees. But we still continued to move down, slowly, step by step, almost hanging on the trees. Until we realized, that it can’t be done this way. Not without a climbing equipment. Ahead of us was just a straight wall. So it was clear, we need to get back. And as there was almost no water left in our bottles, there were no place for new experiments. We just needed to get down. As soon as possible. The same way as we climbed up.

Some days later I did this climb one more time. The same way through the jungle.

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