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Best Beaches of Goa, India: Our 5 Favorite Beaches

Rocks on Cabo de Rama beach, Goa

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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ecause of the beaches. Because of the parties. Because of the beach parties. These are the three most common answers you will get when asking people about the reasons why they have come to Goa. Though, Goa has more to offer, beaches of Goa is one of the main reasons why people are coming here. Let’s talk about some of the best beaches of Goa.

Goa has a coastline of 131 kilometers. It’s not too much for India. But still there is enough space both for party-goers and people looking for a peaceful time on the beach.

Where I should be going? It’s an easy question. Do you want partying and shopping? If the answer is – Yes – then go to North Goa. Otherwise check out South Goa first.

Knowing that and knowing us you will not be surprised to learn, that all our favorite beaches of Goa are in South Goa.

5 Best Beaches of Goa, India

Here they are 5 of the best beaches of Goa.

1. Cabo de Rama Beach

It’s a deserted beach, which is quite easy to reach on a motorcycle, one of the top beaches in Goa for a peaceful afternoon. Though beach isn’t too far away from the road one can’t spot it from the road. Because to get to the beach you need to climb down some 15 meters. Cabo de Rama beach is surrounded by cliffs.

There is one small restaurant and few beach shacks, built on the side of the cliff. And that’s it.

On the left side shore is more rocky. But walk to the right and you will get to a place, where there are no rocks. It’s possible to swim on both sides, only be aware of quite strong currents. This can also be your place for some lazy day by the sea and some good book with no one (or almost no one) around you.

Getting to Cabo de Rama Beach

Follow the road going to Cabo de Rama (fort). And once you are almost at the side of the cliff, about 2 kilometers from the main road, when road turns to the left, you need to turn to the right and go closer to the side of the cliff. Stairs going down to the beach is in about 500 meters.

Most probably you will see some scooters already parked there.

There are only a few buses going through this area daily from Canacona and Margao. It’s quite a remote part of Goa. So getting here by public transport isn’t really an option.

Cabo de Rama beach Goa, left side - Best Beaches in Goa

Cabo de Rama beach, left side – Best Beaches in Goa

Cabo de Rama beach Goa, right side - Best Beaches in Goa

Cabo de Rama beach, right side – Best Beaches in Goa

2. Butterfly Beach

Secluded beach, where it’s easy to get a feeling of being on a private beach. Especially if it’s an early morning when you are there. Most people coming to Butterfly beach do it by boat. They come, 7 out of 10 boats do not even get close to the shore, and shortly after getting there they leave.

With almost no waves it’s a perfect place for swimming. There are cliffs on both sides of Butterfly beach, and jungle in between them. There are no hotels, no beach shacks, no shops, nothing. Perfect, isn’t it?

Getting to Butterfly Beach

It’s possible to get there by boat from Agonda or Palolem, or on foot from Agonda.

Most of the boats go to Butterfly beach and stop only for some 5 – 15 minutes, or even less if no one is interested to get out on the beach. But I’m sure it’s possible to find a boat, which will take you to the beach and will come back after you a few hours later.

Walking to the Butterfly beach could be tricky. As there are a lot of trails and small paths. If you are lucky choosing the right path, it will take you about an hour to get from Agonda to Butterfly beach. There is no need to climb any of the hills that you will see, because the beach is just in the middle. So once your path starts to go up the hill, know – it’s a wrong one.

Butterfly beach Goa India - Best Beaches in Goa

Butterfly beach in Goa, India – Best Beaches in Goa

3. Cola Beach

If we need to highlight one of our favorite beaches in Goa, that would be Cola beach. One of clearly the best beaches in Goa. It’s a peaceful beach with beautiful surroundings. There you have ocean on the right and fresh water pond on the left. So you can choose either you will be swimming in the ocean or in the pond.

Beach itself is a pretty long one. And because of remote location number of people on this beach is small. It’s possible to rent a house or a beach shack on Cola beach. Though, it’s quite expensive. Anyway, there is also a restaurant, where you can have a lunch or dinner with a pretty ocean view. Food isn’t expensive here.

Getting to Cola Beach

Getting there is bum-bum-bumpy. The same as with Cabo de Rama beach it’s not too easy to get there by a local bus of Goa, though it’s possible. You need to go to Canacona (near Palolem beach), and from there there are buses going to Cola.

Cola beach is about 2 kilometers from the bus stop. At one moment there will be a turn to the right, do not turn and keep going straight. If you are coming to Cola beach on taxi, driver will most probably drop you about 1 kilometer from the beach. But on a motorcycle it’s possible to get almost to the beach.

Cola beach Goa India - Best Beaches in Goa

Getting to Cola beach in Goa, India – Best Beaches in Goa

Cola beach Goa India - fresh water pond - Best Beaches in Goa

Fresh water pond near Cola beach in Goa, India – Best Beaches in Goa

4. Agonda Beach

Completely opposite to three previous ones, Agonda beach is easy to reach using any kind of transportation. But it doesn’t change the fact, that once there we immediately got the we-should-stay-here-for-a-month-or-a-year feeling. The town itself is quite busy, and there are beach shacks and restaurants on the beach.

During few visits to this beach we saw it as a place, where all these people coming to Goa to do yoga must have arrived. On every electricity pole, and on every wall, there you see a poster inviting you to yoga classes. Healthy food in Agonda is offered like in every second restaurant.

But more important is that this place has a laid back atmosphere, where no one seems to be running anywhere. And even better, no one seems to be trying to sell you anything.

Getting to Agonda Beach

If you are traveling by a local bus, go to Canacona and there take a bus to Agonda.

Otherwise – just look on the map. There is only one asphalt road, so it’s hard to miss this town.

Agonda beach in Goa, India - Best Beaches in Goa

Agonda beach in Goa, India – Best Beaches in Goa

5. Galgibaga Beach

Like Agonda beach Galgibaga beach is far from being that secluded place, where one should spend an hour making his or her way through the jungle just to find that spot. This beach isn’t far away from the main road either.

What makes this place special and why we like it so much is that again there are almost no people. One of the reasons why it’s like that is because of protected sea turtle nests, that are right on this beach. Olive Ridley turtles have been coming here and laying their eggs for a long time already. And now government is thinking about limiting tourist activities even more.

Read more about turtle nesting at Galgibaga.

Getting to Galgibaga Beach

If you are traveling by bus, go to Canacona and then there you will find a bus going to Galgibaga beach. On a motorcycle again it’s a very easy task to get there. Because there is only one road going parallel to the beach and only at the very end of the beach there is a smaller crossroad going to the beach itself.

Galgibaga beach in Goa, India - Best Beaches in Goa

Galgibaga beach in Goa, India – Best Beaches in Goa

Galgibaga beach in Goa, India, right side - Best Beaches in Goa

Galgibaga beach in Goa, India, right side – Best Beaches in Goa

Which ones are your favorite beaches of Goa? Which one you would call the best beach in Goa?

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