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Lazy Frog Goa Hotel Review: Best Budget Hotel in South Goa

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Is Lazy Frog Goa that good as everyone is saying online? In one word – YES. But let me tell you more about our experience and why we think this hotel is that good.  And also – to whom we recommend Lazy Frog! At first we arrived to Lazy Frog hotel to see their rooms. We wanted to check out if this place really is that good as it looks on their website and Airbnb. And 2 minutes later, after seeing the room and talking with the owner of this place, Roy, we had no doubts – we will stay here at Lazy Frog. For a month. Or more.

We didn’t even think twice about possibility to choose any of cheaper options we had at that time. Because this hotel really is that good as you can see online. And you can get a discount, if you are staying for a week or more.

Though, since the time when we first arrived to Lazy Frog they have raised tariffs, it’s still totally worth it. This place stands out among all the other budget class hotels not only in Goa, but in India. And they’ve been constantly upgrading the hotel as well. Now there is a pool, an on-site restaurant, badminton court, new parking lot and a few more rooms with even better amenities.

We have seen rooms at a few hundred hotels, stayed – at more than hundred budget hotels all over India. Only few of them were somewhere similar as good as Lazy Frog.

While staying there we heard it from quite a bunch of people coming to Lazy Frog. Some people booked a room for a week or two, even if they weren’t planning to spend that much time in this part of Goa. They just wanted to be sure, that they will have such a nice place, where to return.

Not a surprise, Lazy Frog scores outstanding 9,7 out of 10 on And it’s only because of the location that they don’t have even higher score.

outside the room - Lazy Frog Goa

At Lazy Frog Goa, India

Location of Lazy Frog

Lazy Frog hotel is a 2 story building in the residential area of Carmona, South Goa. It’s in 100 meters from Carmona bus stand. But nearest beach here is Carmona beach, and it’s in 2 kilometers from the hotel.

Nearest city, Margao, is 8 kilometers away. Colva beach, known for all the water activities available there, is in 10 kilometers. If you are planning to stay here for a longer time, and you will want to travel around, it’s a good idea to rent a scooter. Ask staff, and they will help you with this.

Since Lazy Frog provide FREE arrival and departure pick-up (if you stay for 3 or more days) you don’t need to think about that anymore.

Area of Carmona itself is very peaceful. Most of the people you will see around are locals living here for years. There are only a few small shops, market, where you can buy fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, barbershop and a few restaurants.

On the beach there are few more restaurants.

House in Carmona Goa India

Colorful Goan house – Carmona, Goa

Inside the Room – Lazy Frog Goa

Rooms at Lazy Frog look like a small studio apartments. They are spacious, light and can accommodate up to 3 persons. All rooms have attached bathrooms. Hot and cold water is available 24 hours a day. There is an air conditioner, electric kettle, microwave, fridge, cutlery, some dishes and LCD TV in every room.

Towels and bedding are being changed on a regular basis.

All rooms at Lazy Frog have windows on either side of the room. First floor (ground floor) rooms have private balconies as well.

What is important to mention, especially when we talk about budget hotels in India, everything here in the rooms of Lazy Frog is new or looks like new, and everything is clean. It’s not like in other places, where it could be disgusting simply to touch that table or shelf, let alone actually using it. Here you don’t need to cover it with a paper or plastic bag before putting something on it.

Here you feel more like at home not like in a budget hotel in India.

Bed - Lazy Frog Goa

Towels - Lazy Frog Goa

Kitchen - Lazy Frog Goa

Bathroom - Lazy Frog Goa

They have stable WiFi, too.

And, yes, they do daily housekeeping also.

And they give you complimentary bottle of water when you arrive.

And complimentary tea and coffee will be there in your “kitchen” every day.

Doesn’t sound like a budget hotel in India, right?

Other Services at Lazy Frog

One thing we were concerned a little bit during the first two days in Lazy Frog was food. Because nearest restaurants we like were in 2 kilometers. But then we learned, that there is a food delivery available. And delivery itself is for free.

Inside your room you will find a menu both from Lazy Frog (at this moment – only for breakfast) and from other restaurants, from where you can order almost any kind of food and at least some beer.

There is also a minibar in every room, where you will find soft drinks and snacks. Best part about it is, that they are for the same price as in the shop.

During our stay at Lazy Frog we felt like Roy, Oliveira and Salvador can help you with everything. You want to know, how to get to this or that place. They will help you. You want to rent a scooter? Ask them and you will not only get the best price, but even more – scooter will be brought to you and taken away afterwards.


Lazy Frog is the best budget hotel in South Goa, that we have seen. What could make it less appealing is its location. If you want to be closer the beach, well, you may need to think about other place. Rental scooter could be an option, too. The same stands for active nightlife and shopping. It’s not that kind of place either. Come here for a peaceful vacation and you will not be disappointed.

Click here to check the price, availability and to book a room!

Sunset - Carmona beach, Goa

Sunset on quiet Carmona beach, Goa

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    Its nice and very informational articals …. But when we talk about budget hotel lzy frog is not an option ,,, if i have to book a room for 3 nights its 9800/-INR thats a very high cost … for 3 nights you can spend around 3000/- INR same amount of things in it and ith better location too…. Bus artical was nice please do the research when it comes down to budget hotels … Juts to get discounts and you just write an artical this is a selfish attitude

    1. Kaspars Misins Author

      Hi, Tejpal! Thanks for the comment! As I have mentioned in the article prices have changed since we stayed in Lazy Frog in 2016. Back then standard rate was about 1000 INR/night and the owners had no idea we are travel bloggers, nor they offered any special discount (just a regular monthly stay discount).

      Actually they still have 1500 INR/night rooms, which trust me is a very good value for money. And now they also have more expensive rooms, just like you said.

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