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Kiwi NOMAD: How to Find Cheap Flights With

Boryspil International Airport, Kiev

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]heap flights exist. It’s not a myth. How to find cheap flights? Unfortunately, there’s no one method that would work for every one and every single time. Same as there is no one best website for cheap flights. Finding great deals takes time, some know-how and sometimes also luck. Be patient. Compare the prices regularly. And act fast when you see a great deal. That’s the easiet method.

But today I want to talk about Kiwi NOMAD, a feature we’ve been using lately to find cheap flights.

What do I mean with cheap flights? For example, Riga – London – Fez – Riga for 72 EUR / 80 USD.  Or Riga – Dubai – Manila – Bali for 220 EUR / 250 USD. Not bad, huh? If you are flexible you can find even better deals. Continue reading to learn how.

How to Find Cheap Flights With

To find cheap flights we recommend you to use the new NOMAD feature (since summer 2018).

What is What is NOMAD?

Kiwi is an airline ticket search engine and booking platform, one of the best sites for cheap flights. Kiwi (former was founded in Czech Republic but now it’s popular worldwide. It’s well designed and easy to use.

Whereas NOMAD is a great feature on that will come in handy for those who are traveling to more than one destination. And also to those who don’t mind to have a couple of stopovers on the way to their destination. With NOMAD you just have to choose the origin, what places you want to visit and for how long do you want to stay in each of those places.

With NOMAD you can book return flight or travel one way.

Kiwi NOMAD feature

Kiwi NOMAD feature

How to Use Kiwi NOMAD Feature?

1. Open, click NOMAD.

NOMAD is next to Return, One-Way, Multicity. You may not be able to use it from your phone or tablet.

2. Choose your destination from and select the dates.

You don’t have to know the exact date, it’s possible to select a time frame.

3. Select cities you want to visit during your trip. Choose length of stay in each of the city.

Wanna visit 5 cities? 10 cities? And stay in each of them for a period of 5 to 10 days? 1 to 3 days? No problem!

Does the order matter? Yes and no. If you will just select the cities you want to visit and choose the length of stay, then there will be several results with different routes. This is because the search engine looks for the cheapest flights.

If you want to travel to a particular city on specific dates you must specify them. Press Calendar icon on the right and choose the dates.

4. Click “Return to origin” if you want to buy a return ticket.

5. Set a return date (it’s optional).

That’s it.

Press Search.

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KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kiwi NOMAD – Our Experience

A few weeks ago we had an idea of going on a trip to Morocco. We also wanted to visit London on our way there. So we decided to use Kiwi NOMAD feature to find our flights.

We set a departure date less than a month later and set the length of stay in London and Morocco. Who knows – maybe there are some great last-minute deals? That’s how we were thinking.

The list of options was very long. When searching for cheap flights with NOMAD feature, take this into account. If you aren’t an experienced traveler don’t be confused. Just look through all the options and choose what suits you the best. The most important part of this is to pay attention to how long will be the flights and layovers. More about this below.

So, the list was very long. But there were also a lot of good options. Really, a lot. Direct flights, connecting flights, separate flights. Longer layovers and shorter layovers. Layovers in several different cities (Milan, Berlin, etc). But the total price didn’t really differ much.

At the end we chose Riga – London – Fez – Milan (short layover) – Berlin (overnight layover) – Riga for just 144 EUR or 160 USD.

Both ways, for both of us.

Yes, only 144 EUR. So, 72 EUR per person both ways.

Do you want to visit more cities/countries?

Do it.

We were thinking of visiting a few more places and made a research. Results?

If we added a couple more destinations, like, Tenerife and Malta, the total price would be around 170 EUR (for the two of us, both ways). That’s crazy cheap, isn’t it?

Kiwi NOMAD for Travelers Who Want to Visit Only One Place

Traveling only to one destination? Still you can use the NOMAD feature.

Let’s assume, I know that it’s cheaper to fly to Marrakech from London than from Riga.

So, that’s why instead of searching for flights from Riga to Marrakech I will look for flights from Riga to Marrakech via London. I will choose that I’m “staying” in London only 1 night. Maybe it’s gonna be cheaper on your dates. Maybe not. And you should also not forget that you will need to spend that time somewhere in London. Chances are that this is gonna be a whole night.

If you’re thinking of spending the night at the airport, visit SleepingInAirports and check if it’s possible to do so. Because, for example, London Stansted airport is closed at night.

A plane in Boryspil International Airport, Kiev

Boryspil International Airport, Kiev

How Do We Find Cheap Flights 

When there was no NOMAD. Or when we just need to go to one place. How to find cheap flights?

1. If We Need the Tickets NOW

We use Momondo or Kiwi which both are great search tools for finding cheap flights. We just choose the origin & destination, and select travel dates. Then we look through all the cheapest options. We may compare the prices with other flight search websites, such as Skyscanner and Kayak.

Then we check how much the airline ticket would cost if we were to buy it directly from the airline.

When you are searching and booking flights using one of the search tools, bear in mind, more often than not you will be buying the ticket via some third party company. Usually these companies are reputable, and the tickets are cheaper than buying directly from the airline. But still you should do a research first. Is this company really legit? Or maybe it’s a scam? Mostly everything is gonna be OK. But it’s worth doing a quick research before booking the flight.

If the price difference is insignificant we mostly book a flight via the airline’s site. The reason why we do so is – if something goes wrong it’s way more easier to communicate with the airline than contacting the third party.

Yes, that easy.

Search. Compare prices. Book the flight.

2. If We Can Wait

We check the airline ticket prices on Momondo and Kiwi frequently. We set up a price alert, and use prediction algorithms like Hopper appTime after time we also check the best travel deals on blogs such as TravelFree.

Sooner or later you should also define for yourself what’s a good price for you. What is that price you are looking forward.

And when there is a great deal, when the price is as we were waiting for or lower, we book that flight right away.

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport – How to find cheap flights?

How to Get Cheap Flights: Tips

Some of our top tips for all of you, when you’ll be searching for cheap airline tickets.

1. Check Where the Airport is Located

Before booking a flight check where the airport is located.

And don’t forget to count in the costs of getting from there to the city, and back – if necessary.

Then look at the price once again. What is the total price (flight + transport to the city)? Is it still cheaper than flying directly to your destination (e.g. not to Girona airport but directly to Barcelona)? 

It may feel like too much hussle when you aren’t an experienced traveler. Trust me, you are not alone. I don’t know anyone who likes researching how much does it cost to get from the airport to the city center. What I can recommend you is to use my simple formula – 15 EUR / 20 USD for one-way journey.

15 EUR mostly will be enough to get to the city center in expensive cities like London and Paris.

And it will be enough also to travel from smaller and more distant airports to the city center.

For example, if you are flying to Barcelona – you may be flying to El Prat airport (BCN), getting from where to the city center costs only 6 EUR. Or – to Girona–Costa Brava (GRO) airport, situated almost a 2-hour ride away from Barcelona, where Ryanair is operating. Getting from there to Barcelona costs around 16 EUR. 

Another example – when searching for cheap flights to Milan most probably you will see flights to Orio Al Serio airport (BGY). This airport actually is not in Milan, but in Bergamo – a city one-hour ride away from Milan. 

2. Book Direct Flights

If the price difference is not that big book a direct flight. And save time.

Less flights = less chance of something going wrong.

This way you also won’t have to spend a night at the airport. When traveling with low cost airlines frequently you’ll definitely have to spend a night at the airport at some point during your travels. Visit SleepingInAirports and check if it’s possible to spend a night at that airport and what are the conditions there. Some airports are closed during the night (e.g. Stansted airport in London).

3. Pay Attention to the Length of the Layover

Is it too long? Maybe there are better options that cost only a little bit more and doesn’t include an overnight layover.

4. Book from Kiwi or Directly from the Airline

If your journey consists of several, non connected flights – book the flights from

It’s gonna be easier and much faster. Because you will need to make only one booking, not 5 or 10. And Kiwi also offers its own insurance – Kiwi Guarantee. It protects you from cancellations and delays. Therefore, flights bought via Kiwi are more expensive because of that.

If you want to spend as little as possible, book directly from the airline. For instance, in our situation with the Riga – London – Fez – Milan – Berlin – Riga journey we would be able save around 20 more euros. Giving up on Kiwi insurance and booking all these flights separately. It would also probably takes us about an hour to book all these flights. Instead of 2 minutes.

Compare and choose what’s the best for you.

Have you used Kiwi Nomad? What’s your experience?

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