Riding camels in the plains near Jaisalmer, India

Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience (Rajasthan, India)

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Jaisalmer. Little did I know that this small city in the far West of India, a World Heritage Site, will turn out to be one of the most interesting stops on our 4-week trip across India (see our photo story: 1, 2). And camel safari in Jaisalmer – one of the most memorable experiences of the trip. To help you prepare for your trip to Jaisalmer I’m writing this article sharing our Jaisalmer desert safari experience.

Because it’s worth it. If you’re ever travelingto Rajasthan and you like to spend time in nature think of going on a camel safari in Jaisalmer. And even if you don’t want to go on a desert safari in Jaisalmer, visit Jaisalmer anyway. It’s a super cute place I would everyone recommend to visit whenever you’re traveling to India.

Jaisalmer is a city that looks like straight out of a fairy tale.

Desert Safari in India

First things first, it’s important to understand that desert in India is nothing like, for example, Sahara desert. Don’t expect huge sand dunes. You’ll not find them in India. Are there camels in India? Yes.

If you’re thinking of going on a desert safari in India, you’ll have to head to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is an Indian state bordering Pakistan. It’s famous for its numerous palaces and forts reminding of the many kingdoms that once ruled in the region. As that’s also where The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert, is located. Capital of the state – Jaipur, which is also one of the three cities on the India’s golden triangle tourist circuit – is one of the most visited cities by tourists traveling to India.

In Rajasthan desert safari options include (but aren’t limited to): Pushkar, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

These are 3 of the most popular cities, from where most of people start their desert safari tours in India. Go to any of these cities and you’ll surely find a tour company or a guide willing to take you on a desert safari trip. Anything from few hour to few week desert safaris can be arranged from these cities. If you don’t feel that confident about yourself or you simply like to have everything well planned out, nowadays you can also arrange the tour beforehand.

A company we went with (from Jaisalmer) – Real Desert Man Safari.

Train riding through the desert in India - 4 Weeks in India

Taking a train to Jaisalmer, India – Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

From Where to Go on a Desert Safari in India?

If You Want the Easiest Option – Pushkar

Or if you are short on time.

Getting from Jaipur to Pushkar is easy. You can either take a bus or taxi. Yes, it’s like a 3-hour ride away from Jaipur, but with Uber in 2018 it cost us around INR 1500 only. If you are 3, it costs about the same like a local bus ride and is a much more comfortable journey.

Pushkar itself is a nice small town, but 1-2 days is enough for it. Since there aren’t too many things to do in Pushkar. You can see most the city in a couple of hours. Beware of “holy man” asking for money at the Pushkar lake. If you would like to take a look at Pushkar from above, don’t miss the chance to head up to the Savitri Mata Temple.

A Better Option – Jodhpur or Jaisalmer

Depending on what you like more – big cities or small towns.

Jodhpur is like 15 times bigger than Jaisalmer and looks more like any other cities in India, while in Jaisalmer you feel like you’re a world away from everything and everyone, in a desert fort forgotten by most. Especially if you are traveling in May, like we did, when, yeah, it’s super hot in Jaisalmer, but there are only like 20 other tourists in the town.

More: Jaisalmer Travel Guide.

Jaisalmer fort - 4 Weeks in India

Jaisalmer fort in the distance, Jaisalmer, India

Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Like already mentioned – all 3 of these places are well-known desert safari destinations in India. Accordingly buying a tour for going into the desert is super easy there. Jaisalmer isn’t an exception. Just go out on the street, walk for 20 – 30 minutes around the area of Jasailmer fort, and you’ll already have at least a few options to compare.

Jaisalmer Desert Safari Package Cost

How much does a typical Jaisalmer desert safari package cost? It depends.

Price varies a lot. An overnight desert stay in Jaisalmer can start from as low as INR 600.

If you want to just go on a camel ride in Jaisalmer, it can be even cheaper. But, remember, that cheap camel safari means also that the animals are highly likely to be treated badly, the same as desert guides are most likely underpaid.

Mostly, however, an overnight camel safari in Rajasthan will cost you between INR 1000 – 2500.

Our Jaisalmer desert safari cost us around INR 1500 per person. And that included:luggage storage in Jaisalmer, pick up and drop off at the station, a night in a basic guest house, an overnight desert safari near Jaisalmer, jeep transportation to and back from the desert with a couple stops along the way, snacks, water, tea, dinner and breakfast. We were sleeping in beds under the sky. Blankets were also provided.

In total we were away from Jaisalmer for about 20 hours and we didn’t spend anything extra for anything that happened during these hours. In total we were riding camels for about 3 hours. And it felt more than enough for the first time. It’s not that comfortable sitting on a camel for more than an hour.

Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience (in Photos)

We left Jaisalmer in early afternoon, and came back the next morning.

First stop – abandoned village.

Abandoned buildings in the desert in India - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Abandoned town in the desert next to Jaisalmer, India - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Next stop – a lake in the desert. It was May, and it was around 122 F / + 50 C.

Lake near the desert in Jaisalmer - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

And then we headed further.

Jeep in the plans near Jaisalmer, India - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

To a place where camels and desert guides were already waiting for us.

Camels and people - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Our camels and guides – Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Short instructions were given, and we were ready to head further.

Riding camels into the desert - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

With India – Pakistan border on the left.

People on the camels riding next to the fence - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Then the dunes started.

Desert near Jaisalmer - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

And more dunes.

Riding camels on sand dunes in India - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

People on camels in the desert near Jaisalmer - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

And we arrived at the place which will be our camp for the night.

Camels lying on the ground - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Camels rested, ate. Our guides started preparing snacks and dinner. We went to take some photos.

Camels eating - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Camel sleeping - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Riding camels in the plains - Our Jaisalmer Desert Safari Experience

Dinner was great. We slept very well. At night temperatures dropped to very pleasant (I’m guessing) 68 F / +20 C. There was NO OTHER PEOPLE around, it was completely quiet, and that was awesome.

In the morning we rode camels back to the place from where we took them yesterday. We took another “road” this time.

The last photo above shows very well how Thar Desert in India looks like for the most part. It’s mostly plains with few small threes here and there, and very occasionally sand dunes.

Where to Stay in Jaisalmer

If you’re coming to Jaisalmer only to go on a desert safari, you can do it without spending even a single night in the city itself. I would, however, recommend you to spend in Jaisalmer at least 1 full day. One can say that there aren’t that many things to do in Jaisalmer, and it’s true. But the atmosphere of the city, people, the way they dress and how the place looks, that’s what makes Jaisalmer so special.

Free hotel stay in Jaisalmer. If you are booking a desert safari online, you may not even need to think where to stay in Jaisalmer, because tour companies sometimes offer you a free or discounted stay at the hotel or guest house – if you book a tour with them.

1. Cheap – Guesthouse Toffu

A simple, yet very nice guest house in Jaisalmer where we’ve stayed ourselves. Rooms are comfortable and pleasant. The best part about this hotel is the rooftop restaurant, which offers one of the best views of Jaisalmer and Jaisalmer fort. Photo of the fort you can see in this article was taken from there. Cheapest rooms are without air conditioning (only fan).

Owner of the guest house is also offering his own desert safari tours.

Double room starts at INR 330. Check the latest price!

2. Mid-Range – The Secret House – Adults Only

A popular 3-star hotel 15-minute walk away from Jaisalmer fort. Rooms come with private balconies. There is an on-site restaurant in The Secret House serving Spanish and Indian food.

Double room starts at INR 2500. Check the latest price!

Have you been in Jaisalmer? Did you go on a desert safari in Jaisalmer? Or maybe you’ve been on a desert safari somewhere else in India? What was your experience?

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