Bed in one of the rooms - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Hotel Heritage Inn Review: A True Haven in Varanasi, India

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Are you planning a trip to Varanasi? Then you’ll want to check out my Hotel Heritage Inn review. Why? Because this place is awesome. If you’ve been to India. If you’ve been backpacking in India. You’ll have noticed it right away, that Hotel Heritage Inn, Varanasi, doesn’t look like your average hotel in India. And you are right. It isn’t your average Indian hotel.

And it’s hard to imagine ending up in a place like this when you’ve just arrived to Varanasi, a pretty ordinary Indian city (for most part).

A city that looks more like this at best.

Streets of Varanasi - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Streets of Varanasi – Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

We booked a room at Hotel Heritage Inn only a day in advance, while we were in Kolkata. We hadn’t been in Varanasi, and accordingly didn’t have any favorite hotels in the city. So we just went to (you can use also, and chose Hotel Heritage Inn.

It was a bit over our budget, but they had a lot of good reviews, and so we decided to stay there.

And then came a nice surprise – we had booked a standard room, but when checking in we were offered a free upgrade. We said yes, and so in the end we stayed in Executive Room.

To learn more about our trip check out our photo story: Part 1, Part 2.

Now let’s start my Hotel Heritage Inn review.

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Hotel Heritage Inn Review (Executive Room)

Hotel Heritage Inn is a modern 3-star hotel close to the city center. It’s a very well mantained hotel. Staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable. There is an inexpensive on-site restaurant offering wide variety of local and international food. There is no elevator.

1. Location of Hotel Heritage Inn

The location is great. You are in the city center. You are close to everything. But it’s not that loud, because the Hotel Heritage Inn is situated on a smaller and less busy road, making your stay a little bit more relaxed.

River Ganga (and the nearest ghat) is only a short, 5-minute walk away from the hotel.

The nearest ghat is Janki Ghat. It’s one of the last ghats in Varanasi.

Go to the Ganga, walk to the left, and in less than 20 minutes you can make it to any of the most popular ghats. Getting there is easy, because you don’t have to leave the banks of the river. It takes around 1-2 hours, depending on how fast are you walking and whether you’re stopping on the way or not – to walk along all the ghats and to make it to the railway bridge. It’s a beautiful walk and I would highly recommend you to do it whenever you’re in Varanasi.

For getting back you can go to the road and get a taxi or tuktuk.

Or walk a bit and get a boat. That’s also an option in Varanasi.

2. Executive Room

How the Executive Room looks like in Hotel Heritage Inn? It looks great.

The room is bright, perfectly clean and it looks very, very nice.

Beautiful colors. Stylish accessories. Good quality furniture and equipment. Everything looks like new.

There is a lot of storage space and place where to put your belongings, which includes a closet with automatic lighting, big drawers, two bedside tables, coffee table and more.

In the room there is a fridge and minibar.

In the bathroom there is a huge mirror on the wall and on the doors. There is a bahttub, a true luxury in India, and hairdryer in the bahtroom as well. I also loved soap and shampoo provided by the hotel, that’s so much better than anywhere else we have been in India.

Now I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Bed and table - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Executive Room – Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Table and chairs - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Sitting area – Executive Room – Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

TV and bed - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

TV - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Toilet - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Bahtroom – Executive Room – Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Bathtub - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

3. Other Services

There is a good and affordable on-site rooftop restaurant. Wide variety of local and international food is being offered there.

I can’t give you too many recommendations, since we only had a dinner and breakfast there. But what I can tell you is that the food quality was very good, food looked beautiful and prices were very average (at around 200 – 300 INR per dish).

Do you need a taxi? Or maybe a tour of Varanasi and nearby areas? Do you need help buying and Indian SIM card? (yeah, this can be a real struggle for foreigners) All of that could be arranged at the reception.

Ganga near Varanasi - Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

Peacuful, huh? – Ganga – Hotel Heritage Inn Review, Varanasi, India

On our first evening in Varanasi we went on a short boat ride to watch the daily performance. There were only 3 other people in the boat, a couple, foreigners, guests of the same hotel, and our coxswain. And on the next morning we went on a sunrise boat trip to see how the city is waking up. Both of the tours we bought from the hotel. Would do the same again.

Bottom Line

Hotel Heritage Inn is an inexpensive 3-star hotel close to river Ganga, offering a very good value for the money.

If you’re traveling to Varanasi & want a bit (or not just a bit) more comfort, do check out the Hotel Heritage Inn. Even their cheapest rooms are much better than what you can expect in most of budget hotels in India, and not that much more expensive.

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