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Best Luggage Tags 2018: 20 Practical and Cool Luggage Tags

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No one wants to spend spend extra time looking for the luggage while standing in front of a conveyer belt, right? Luckily there is an easy solution. And, no, you don’t necessarily need to buy a personalized suitcase. Simply get yourself a cool luggage tag! And you’ll make your bag more easily identifiable in a matter of seconds.

Sounds good, huh? Then take a look at this list of the best luggage tags available now! It’s a list of practical and stylish luggage tags we’ve put together after hours of scouring the internet.

There are several different designs and styles. So I’m pretty sure you’ll find the one for yourself among them, too!

20 Best Luggage Tags

Here they are – 20 of the best luggage tags.

Many of these luggage are available in different sizes and colors. Some of them come in sets while others are sold by the piece.  For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the image of the luggage tag or click on that orange button below it!

If you are busy and just want to get the best luggage tag without searching for too long, just look at the top 5 – these are our favorites!

1. Talonport Luggage Tag

A top-quality luggage tag made of stainless steel. Great choice if you are looking for a quality luggage tag that booth looks professional and is going to last. The Talonport luggage tag is backed with a lifetime luggage tag replacement guarantee. Perfect both for men and women.

Thanks to its unique design your personal details will stay unseen.

Could be attached to your luggage either with a black leather attachment or sturdy metal loop.

2. Shacke Luggage Tags

A set of two colorful and sturdy luggage tags made of top-quality PVC plastic. What’s cool – design of these luggage tags isn’t printed, but it’s made of rubberized molded pieces. Which means they are gonna stay the way they are much longer than most of the cheap luggage tags. Because of fun design perfect choice for men, women and kids.

Thanks to reversible identification cards your private information will stay unseen by most.

Comes with a genuine leather straps.

3. Anne Taintor Luggage Tag

Durable and simple matte vinyl luggage tags. Several cool designs, all of whom will make you smile, are available. Women love it. Well, at least that’s my impression after reading its reviews online. I like it, too, actually.

Could be attached to your bag using a sturdy strap.

4. LJY Travel Luggage Suitcase Labels

A set of 8 colorful luggage tags. All 8 of these tags have different design, making them a great choice for a family or bigger group of friends. As everyone can get a different design luggage tag. Same like few of the rest can be used also as a school bag tag for your kids.

While front of the luggage tag is bright and colorful, back features a transparent ID holder. To protect your private information you can simply put the information card other way around.

Attaches to your luggage with a lanyard.

5. ProudGuy Luggage Tag

A stylish luggage tag – business card holder made of reinforced aluminum. The ProudGuy luggage tags are built withstand the toughest conditions you may encounter during your travels. Great choice both for men and women. One of our favorites among the best luggage tags.

Fits a standard-sized business card, which means if you already have a business card you can put it in straigh away. Simply turn it over if you wish to hide your information.

Comes with a steel cable that you will use to attach it to your luggage, whether it’s going to be a suitcase, duffel bag, backpack, briefcase or baby stroller.

Available in several bright colors. Can be purchased also in sets.

6. Shacke Initial Luggage Tag

A very simple, yet sturdy and easily noticable luggage tag made of high-quality rubber. Different designs (letters) are available. Since the letter is on both sides of the tag it’s going to be very easy to spot it. Suitable both for men and women. Good choice if you want to buy several luggage tags for your family members, but don’t want to have all of them exactly the same.

Thanks to its full cover your private information will stay unseen.

Attaches to your luggage with a stainless steel loop.

7. ZOZGETU Travel Luggage Tags

A 10-pack of emoji-inspired luggage tags. These tags are made of quality PVC material and are going to last for a while. Because of their unique design I’m quite sure you are either going to love them or hate them. I’m more of a hater here, but at the same I see that many love them. So they have made it to the list of the best cool luggage tags.

Tags are approximately 4” (9 cm) wide. All of them are more or less the same size. All come with an adjustable strap. Thanks to it you’ll be able to attach these tags also to larger items.

8. Aootech Luggage Tags

An 8-pack of stylish and lighweight luggage tags made of strong and durable aluminium alloy material. These brigh-colored tags will make spotting of your luggage on the conveyer belt much easier. Since the set includes 8 tags, in 4 different colors, you can use a single set for the whole family. Giving everyone 2 same color luggage tags. Unisex design.

Not big enough to be used with a standard-sized business cards.

Comes with a stainless steel cable and a screw connector.

9. Travelon Set Of 2 Luggage Tags Hot Spots Assorted

A set of two bright-colored luggage tags. Both of the tags are same size (0.1” x 3.2” x 8.2”, 1.6 oz) and fit a regular-sized business card. Great choice as a gift. Unisex design.

Attaches to your luggage with a leather strap.

10. Kate Aspen Luggage Tag

A simple, vintage style suitcase luggage tag with travel-inspired design. Made of sturdy piece of rubber. Perfect both for men and women. Wanna buy something for your traveler friend, but can’t decide what exactly? Take this, because it looks good and it’s cheap.

Or better buy two, one for yourself as well!

11. Shacke Luggage Tag

A 2-pack of simple, bright-colored luggage tags. Tags are made of sturdy quality rubber with built-in steel loops (as attachment points). Both of the luggage tags are same color. Different color sets are available.

A card with your private information is fully covered for extra privacy. Because of the design of the Shacke luggage tag standard-sized business cards will not fit in. A tag is fully bendable which makes braking of it much harder.

Comes with a stainless steel cable.

12. Art of Travel Neoprene Designer Luggage Tags

A set of 2 durable and stain-resistant luggage tags. These tags are made of quality neoprene material. Different unique designs are available. Each set comes with two luggage tags of the same design.

If you’ll wish to protect your private information you’ll have to put the information card other way around. If you care about the privacy a lot these will not be the best luggage tags for you. Since they have very easily accessible ID holders. With it not only you information card will be easily accesible to everyone, it may get lost as well.

Luggage tags are backed with a lifetime warranty. If there’s ever any issue you’ll get the luggage tags replaced.

13. Lizimandu PU Leather Luggage Tag

A set of two simple bright-colored luggage tags. The Lizimandu luggage tags are made of PU leather (not genuine leather). 15+ different desings and patterns are available. On the back there is a transparent ID holder.

Can be attached to your luggage with a durable PU strip. The strip is removable.

14. That’sMyBagTags Premium Luggage Bag

A 2-piece set of unique design waterproof luggage tags that are made in the USA. Tags are made of high-quality plastic. They are flexible and durable. Different designs and themes (summer, winter, travel) are available, some made specifically for men, others – for women.

Attaches to the luggage with a 550-pound tensile strength nylon strap.

15. Samsonite Designer Luggage Tags

A simple, American flag design luggage tag made of PVC. Several other designs are available. If you are a fan of Samsonite bags and now you need a simple luggage tag – this might be the best luggage tag for you. Otherwise check the list once again because there are also better quality luggage tags.

Back of the luggage tag is black and features a transparent ID holder.

Can be attached to your luggage with an elastic strap.

Best Smart Luggage Tags

If a simple, “old-fashioned” luggage tag isn’t enough for you check out these!

16. ReturnMe Smart Luggage Tag

A simple and cheap luggage tag that will help you to never lose your bag, be it a suitcase, school bag or your gym bag. If, however, you’ll ever lose your bag ReturnMe will help you to return it to your home. Unlike traditional luggage tags using ReturnMe you don’t have to put your privacy at risk. As all your private information is stored online, on the servers of ReturnMe, not anywhere on the luggage tag itself.

Attaches to the bag with a stainless steel band.

Luggage tags are backed with a 5-year warranty.

17. Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

A multi-purpose bluetooth tracker which will help you not to lose your stuff again, be it your suitcase or apartment keys. One thing that’s important to understand, though, is that the thing you’ll be looking for can’t be too far away from your phone to locate it. When it’s near your phone you can make it ring. In rest of the situations, when you can’t fint it anymore, you’ll have to rely on the help of others from Tile community. With over 5 million Tile users worlwide it’s not gonna be hopeless in most populous areas, that’s for sure, otherwise – I, personally, wouldn’t rely on it too much.

A nice accesory to have for all these occasions when you want to quickly find which one of these bags is yours, when let’s say you are looking at a pile of bags in the luggage trunk of the bus.

Sold by the piece and in 4-packs.

Battery life: 1 year.

18. ReboundTAG RFID Microchip Bag Tag

A simple and sturdy luggage tag built to make finding of lost luggage easier. It works the same way like the ReturnMe smart luggage tag. You have to register it online. And if your luggage is ever lost, a person who finds it can go the ReboundTAG website (it’s written on the tag), enter your tag number and you’ll automatically be notified about the fact by text message or email.

Works without battery.

Best Cruise Luggage Tags

Going on a cruise soon? Oh, lucky you! Before you go, though, check out these cruise luggage tags! Ah, yes, these are special cruise luggage tags, too.

19. Highwind Cruise Luggage Tags

A 4-pack of cruise tags, that will be great for PRINCESS, CARNIVAL, COSTA, HOLLAND AMERICA, P&O, and NORWEGIAN and not only. Tags are made of thick and transparent PVC.

20. Highwind Cruise Luggage Tags, Made specifically for Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruises

A 4-pack of cruise tags made specifically for Royal Carribbean & Celebrity Cruise. Tags are made of thick PVC and are waterproof. 8 – pack is available as well.

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