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Flying Like a Bird in Sigulda, Latvia (with Aerodium)

Fly like a Bird in Aerodium, Sigulda, Latvia

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you ever wanted to fly? To fly on your own, with or without wings? Like a superman or like a bird? To soar the sky, be free and feel wind against your skin. Why am I asking you this? Because nowadays flying is possible! And you don’t even have to be a millionaire to do this, nor you have to have superpowers. Yes, and I almost forgot to tell you the most important thing – it is possible to fly in Latvia!

Most of the people I have met while traveling don’t know much about Latvia. For half of them it is the first time they hear of such country – Latvia. Some of the people even believe, that Latvia is a country somewhere in Africa. No, really!

If someone have heard about Latvian sportsmen, I haven’t met anyone who knows about Aerodium, a company which is building vertical wind tunnel systems, enabling people to fly freely like a bird.

Learning to Fly, Aerodium, Latvia

Learning to Fly with Aerodium, Latvia

Besides having an attraction near Sigulda, a town in Latvia, Aerodium is world’s leading company in building wind tunnels and they are a major supplier of vertical wind tunnels worldwide! Aerodium team has been performing at various events and festivals around the world. They were even taking a part in closing ceremony of Winter Olympic games 2006 in Torino, Italy.

Vertical wind tunnel allows people to fly without wings and complicated gear, just wearing a special suit, helmet and goggles. This is possible because of the very strong vertical wind pushing a person from below. Wind is created by powerful ventilator.

Aerodium Sigulda was the first vertical wind tunnel made in Eastern Europe.

Flying high in the sky, Aerodium, Latvia

Flying high in the sky with Aerodium in Sigulda, Latvia

Before flying instructors will cover all the things you need to know about flying in the wind tunnel and safety. After that you will be given a special suit which you will wear during the flying session. Before flying you will need to do few warm up exercises accompanied by your flight instructor.

Flying in the wind tunnel is accompanied by an instructor, as well. He is there to make sure you get used to flying and stay in safe height. Later, when you are accustomed to flying, instructor will let you fly higher, several meters up.

Getting to Aerodium & Prices

Aerodium is located near Sigulda, which is a popular touristic destination both for locals and foreign tourists, 47 kilometres from Riga, capital of Latvia. When coming by car from Riga to Sigulda you will need to turn left at 47th kilometer (once you will see a big sign – Aerodium). Aerodium wind tunnel is close to the road.

It is possible to get there by local bus. Take any bus going from Riga to Sigulda or Cesis and get off at the bus stop called “Silciems”.

Now, in 2016, prices start from 34 EUR (for a 2 minutes long flight). 10 minutes long flight costs starting from 114 EUR. They give discounts for groups, kids below age of 12, seniors, students and pupils.

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Flying high in Aerodium, Latvia

Photography supplied courtesy of Aerodium.

Disclosure: Article was prepared in collaboration with European Commission.


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