A man carrying bananas in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

4 weeks in India: Traveling Across the Country – Photo Story – Part 1

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In May 2018 we went to India for the third time. This time our plan was to go on a 9000-kilometer (5500-mile) overland journey across India using public transportation. We had come up with a route we planned to take, but no reservations were made upon our arrival to the subcontinent. And now I’m ready to show you what these 4 weeks in India looked like. Where did we go to and what did we see.

It’s not that easy to put a 4-weeks long journey across such a colorful country like India in a single photo story, so I’m splitting it into two parts. And here is the Part 1.

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4 Weeks in India, Part 1

We couldn’t get all the tickets we wanted so we had to change our travel plan a bit.

And so in the end our route across India looked like this: Bhubaneshwar – Kolkata – Varanasi – Delhi – Agra – Delhi – Amritsar – Jaipur – Pushkar – Jaisalmer – Ahmedabad – Mumbai – Goa. Mostly we traveled by train, a few times we took a bus and once we booked a private car with driver (for a day trip from Delhi to Taj Mahal).


1. Our Journey Started in Bhubaneswar

Tuktuk in Bhubaneshwar - 4 weeks in India

Bhubaneshwar is a peaceful, clean and small (small for India) city in East India.

2. Main Attraction of the City Is Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts

A tribal house in Bhubaneshwar - 4 weeks in India

We aren’t big fans of museums, but we went there. And I must say, that at least the videos you can watch in the main building are very interesting and informative.

We went there after we had found a post office and sent some of our stuff to the final destination of our India trip – Goa. And after we had bought a local India SIM card and also train tickets to Kolkata.

Speaking of a local SIM card. It was Airtel India. We spent about an hour and a half to get it. At first traveling on a tuk tuk from one Airtel store to the next one, at each one of these places hearing the same story, that at the next store they will definitely be able to help us (to sell a SIM card to foreigner). At the last shop we bought it finally – though, it took some persuasion, that, yes, you guys are allowed to sell SIM cards to foreigners.

The SIM was never activated.

3. And Then It Was Time to Move on… to Kolkata

Bhubaneshwar train station - 4 weeks in India

Train station surprised us being much too clean compared to what we had seen before in India.


4. Kolkata Surprised Us

A taxi and rickshaw in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

It was much more interesting than we though it will be.

More crowded. More colorful. A city where we felt like we had just traveled back in time. Back to 1950s.

5. In a Way Kolkata Looks Like Mumbai

Old bus in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

Mumbai and Kolkata both now are my favorite cities in India.

6. Look at That Bridge… And People Bathing Next to It

A big bridge in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

7. And That Ferry Taking People From One Coast to Another

A river boat in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

By the way, do you want to know how they deal with tickets there?

Well, let’s say not in the best way. You buy a ticket. A minute later it’s being taken from you buy a ticket conductor, who… tears it aparts and throws it in the river. You turn your head and see thousands upon thousands of tickets covering the bank of the river.

8. In Kolkata Contrast is HUGE

A white building in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

9. There Are Beautiful Streets Like This One

A beautiful street in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

10. And Then There Are Old Trams Like This One

An old tram in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

11. And Super Crowded Streets

A crowded street in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

12. Where People Still Manage to Find a Place Where to Sleep, Cook and Rest

People living on the street in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

Because this street is also their home.

Nowhere else in India or elsewhere for that matter I have seen that many people living on the streets like in Kolkata.

13. Life Is Very Tough For Many in Kolkata

A man carying bananas in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

14. You Can’t Even Imagine How Tough

A bicycle rickshaw with load - 4 weeks in India

15. Yet People in Kolkata Are Extremely Friendly

A hand pulled richshaw - 4 weeks in India

16. Many Will Even Ask For a Photo

A friendly man in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

Whenever they will notice you wandering around with a camera in hand.

17. There Are Panks in Kolkata, Too

Indian pank in Kolkata - 4 weeks in India

We are walking down the street, when out of nowhere runs this guy and welcomes us to India. We compare our tattoos, chat a bit, take a photo and off he goes.

18. And Again Moving On… to Varanasi

A sleeper class train in India - 4 weeks in India

In the photo above you can see how non AC sleeper class car (known as Sleeper) looks in India. 5 out of 7 times we traveled on a Sleeper class train.

When there aren’t too many people and it’s not very hot (like it was when we traveled), then it’s not that bad. But the car can also be packed with people. Because everyone who have a general ticket (cheapest ticket without allocated seat) can board this car. And when all the seats are taken people sleep on the floor and under berths.


19. We Arrived to Varanasi Just in Time for the Evening Ceremony

Evening ritual in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

20. And Then We Woke Up at 5 AM to Check Out How Ganges Looks in the Morning

River Ganges in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

21. Creamations Here Never Stop. Fire Is Burning 24/7

Ghats in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

22. Boats Transporting Wood for Cremations

Boats transporting wood in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

A scene that caught my interest even more. And not just this particular scene. But this all setup how “Varanasi works” and how they perform these cremations here non-stop.

23. In Off-Season There Aren’t That Many People in Varanasi

A boat in river Ganges in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

24. There Are Even Less of Them Walking

Ghats of Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

25. So You Can Just Walk and Observe the Local Life

Clothes drying on the ground in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

26. Not Many People on the Main Ghat Either

People on the ghat in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

27. Boat, ser? Boat, ser?

Boats in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

And also this phrase in the off-season you hear only every now and then. Not constantly.

28. Piles of Wood Next to Wood Shops and Ghats

Wood shops in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

29. Layers of Varanasi

Coastline houses in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

30. Then You Leave Ganges and the Ghats, Head Into the City And…

Streets of Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

And you end up in a regular Indian city. Loud. Crazy. Chaotic.

31. You Turn Back and Head for the Ganges Again

Narrow streets of Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

And get lost in a maze of narrow streets.

32. While Once Again You Are Back on the Banks of Ganges River

People on the ghats in Varanasi - 4 weeks in India

Delhi & Agra

33. We Came to Delhi

Dust storm in Delhi - 4 weeks in India

And dust storm came to Delhi, too.

We are out walking to the Old Delhi, when in a split second everything changes. Strong winds are blowing now. Garbage is flying all around us. You can’t see anything. An hour later rain came. And the temperature sharply dropped to half of what if was during the day (when it was crazy hot).

34. Second Try. Going to the Markets of Old Delhi

A street market in Delhi - 4 weeks in India

35. Only a Couple of Metro Stops Away from the City Center

Vehicles on the streets of Old Delhi - 4 weeks in India

36. Wandering Into the Spice Market

Chili - 4 weeks in India

37. Lots of Spices Here

Spice market of Old Delhi - 4 weeks in India

38. Taking in the Atmosphere of Old Delhi

Old Delhi sights - 4 weeks in India

39. Going Further

Old Delhi street - 4 weeks in India

40. And Further, in Old Delhi

A buffalo in Old Delhi - 4 weeks in India

41. We Visited a Few Beautiful Monuments in Delhi, Too

Qutub minar in Delhi - 4 weeks in India

42. For Example, Here You Can See Qutb Minar

Qutub minar up close - 4 weeks in India

An interesting sight. Worth a visit, if you ask me.

43. But Here You See Agrasen ki Baoli

A stepwell in Delhi - 4 weeks in India

It’s an interesting place in the very center of the city.

It’s a historical step well dating back to the 1100s. Now it’s a popular hangout place in Delhi where to chill out and take some beautiful selfies for Instagram.

44. And Here Is India Gate

India Gate in Delhi - 4 weeks in India

45. While in Delhi Often We Felt Like Celebrities

Taking a selfie with Indian guy - 4 weeks in India

46. Because Many People Wanted to Take a Photo With Us

Taking a photo with girls - 4 weeks in India

47. And, Of Course, We Couldn’t Leave Delhi Without Visiting Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, Agra - 4 weeks in India

Well, yes, Taj Mahal isn’t in Delhi.

Taj Mahal is located in a city called Agra, a few hours ride away from Delhi. We decided not to stay in Agra overnight, but head there at night to arrive to Taj Mahal at the time of sunrise. And to go back to Delhi the same afternoon. Turned out to be a very good decision.

Learn more about the practical side of visiting the Taj Mahal (with kids or without).

48. Early Morning Is Perfect Time for Visiting the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal shortly after sunrise - 4 weeks in India

49. Quite an Impressive, Huh?

Taj Mahal up close - 4 weeks in India

50. Moving On to Amritsar

Colors of India in Delhi - 4 weeks in India

Colorful. Loud. Crazy. This is Delhi we will remember.

See the Part 2.

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Kaspars Misins

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