How We Started to Travel Long Term

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In June 2014 we started And that was 9 months after we started our new life, life of travel. At the beginning we translated and republished few articles from our blogs, where we were writing in Latvian. These were articles about things experienced before June 2014.

But we haven’t talked about how it all started? How our travel started? Now it’s a time to talk about it.

It was May 2013

We had just came back from our two week trip to Spain, where we walked for more than 300 kilometers (walking one part of the Camino de Santiago). And at that time we had an idea – it will be this autumn. We will leave our home and go out in the world. Where? We don’t know. For how long? Maybe for year? Maybe. But we will go. We will.

The idea. That was all we had at that moment. But neither we had a real plan or some saved money.

But nevertheless plan was born soon…

Few weeks later interesting thing happened – our plan was born. How? I had a random thought. I did a quick research on Google. And I asked Una, what she thinks about it. She said – Yes – almost immediatly. And it was decided. During the summer we will save all the money we can and we will go to India, to cycle across it.

Why to India? It’s warm, it’s big enough to explore for at least few months and it’s cheap to do so without big savings. Why to cycle? Others are traveling this way and it sounds like something really interesting to give it a try.

We knew it because of all the blog posts, all the travel blogs we read for the last year while thinking about going somewhere. About living in some another country. About working something completely different. About experiencing new things and seeing new places.

But otherwise this our plan really wasn’t something, that we thought about and through for some longer time. Yet still we decided to just go and see, how it will turn out! Actually before making this decision we felt quite afraid from the fact, that we had no idea what to do. And doing something felt way more better than doing nothing.

Kaspars Una Viesturs cycling India Saputara - travel started

From the left – Kaspars, Una, Viesturs – Saputara, India

Were we afraid later?

Yes. Like most of people would be in similar situation we were afraid of it. But we managed to overcome it. We learned to not think about it and to just go for our new dream. At every moment, when I started to feel too scared, I turned myself into mood of excitement. I started to think about all that new things coming. And you know what? Everything started to feel much more better right away.

If you are going after something similar, know, that it’s normal to feel even more scared at the last weeks or days. It’s ok. Then you are just waiting for that Day 1 of your new life.

To turn it into a real life restart at the end before leaving Latvia, before our travel started, we sold or gave away almost all of our belongings. All furniture, electronics, clothes,… We felt, that it is what we need to do. And for the first moment, when we actually started to do so, it felt very scary.

But the good thing is – it is so only for the very beginning. After that things changes. After that you start to feel better. Because you know, that things you have now are the things you actually need and will use. And then there are all these people that you have made happy just by giving away your stuff you don’t need. Trust me, these moments of giving are priceless.

before flying to India - travel started

Our luggage (including 3 bicycles) when going to India

In October 2013 our travel started

Our long term travel started with about 1500€ for each of us. With only one way ticket in our pockets. With no any backup plan. There were we two and my brother.

And everything went well. Of course, we had all kind of problems as well, but most important is that we liked this our new life. We cycled across India for 5 months. We went to Malaysia. We volunteered there and lived on a tropical island for few months.

We traveled to Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. So many beautiful things happened during this time. 8 months later my brother went back to Latvia, but our with Una journey felt like only started.

Una on boat Kerala India - travel started

Una on a boat – Kerala, India

And it still continues. With no finish in sight and no end date. But with ideas and plans to make such nomadic lifestyle possible in long term.

Author: Kaspars Misins

Kaspars is a long term traveler and travel blogger from Latvia. He loves going on long walks, reading non fiction books and spending time outdoors. Together with his girlfriend Una they are traveling – volunteering – working abroad since 2013. On they share their experience and things learned along the way.

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