Volunteering to Explore the World. Story of Clive Richards

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Clive Richards art class in Barcelona

We met Clive last summer in France, when volunteering and living in the castle, in the region of Burgundy. While we were making beds and cleaning rooms in family run B&B in the castle, Clive was working with wood. During his time there he built cool dog house, children’s playground and did some small repairs. While chatting with Clive we understood, that from … Read More

First Time Volunteering: Getting Ready

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Girl dreaming while sun is setting

Are you currently thinking of trying out volunteering abroad? Living in some far away country. Seeing places you haven’t seen. Experiencing different cultures. Doing things you haven’t done. Continue reading and you will learn, how to make all of it reality! Why you should volunteer, that’s something I have already been talking about before. For the best result start thinking about it some 3 – 6 months before … Read More

Why Volunteer? – 4 Reasons

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carpenter tools

At the beginning of 2014 volunteering was something unknown for us. But then, after 5 months of being on the road, during our first time long term trip abroad, when thinking about where to go next and how to do it for less money, an idea to try volunteering came to my mind. Some days later it was decided – we will try to … Read More

We Are Living in the Castle

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Chateau de Burnand - France

After 9 months in Asia we are back to Europe. As Kaspars wrote, everything there seems so much like at home, but at the same time so unfamiliar and distant. Getting from Langkawi island in Malaysia to Paris took us about 30 hours, including time we spent waiting for connecting flights. We spent 3 days in Paris. And after that … Read More