Traveling to All Countries and Territories. Story of Henrik

Henrik - henriktravel

It’s a very busy time now for Dane traveler Henrik. Because 2015 is the year, when he plans to finish his mission of traveling to all countries and territories of the world. You read that right – all countries AND all territories. Henrik is traveling to… everywhere. We caught up with Henrik to talk about traveling, travel planning and how he manages … Read More

Traveling to Every Country in the World. Story of Ivars Krutainis

Ivars Krutainis - Traveling to every country in the world

How many countries have you visited? This far we with Una have been to 14, but for Latvian traveler Ivars this number is 124. And it’s constantly growing, because Ivars has a dream – to visit every country in the world. To make it easier, he has decided, that it should happen before his forties. As we all know, deadlines help … Read More