Zero Grid Travel Gear: Our Experience

Kaspars in Himalayas - Zero Grid Travel Gear

At the end of the last year we were contacted by the travel accessories company from the USA – Zero Grid, who asked us if we would be interested to try out their travel gear. We liked what we saw online, and so we said – Yes! The same like founders of Zero Grid we are big advocates for traveling light. Whenever … Read More

55 Best Wallets for Everyday Use and Travel (for Men & Women)

Mastercard - Best Wallets - Best Travel Wallets

Do you really need a special travel wallet? It depends. But in most of the situations I would say no. Just use a wallet you have and that’s it. If you are traveling to, let’s say, Europe, where almost everywhere you can pay with your credit card, then you will be fine with any of the wallets I have listed … Read More