Cycling Solo Across South America. Story of Marika Latsone

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Cycling solo across South America - Marika Latsone

Do you like cycling? I do like cycling, but it’s been a while now since I have stopped doing it regularly. But Marika, an adventurous wanderess from Latvia, really loves cycling. And she loves traveling. So probably I will not surprise you too much saying that right now she is cycling across South America. Alone. Yes, you read that right. She … Read More

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Story of Peteris and Rita.

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Rita and Peteris hiking the PCT

I (Una) met Peteris and Rita when I was in Latvia, in December 2015. There was a travelers’s meeting and we with Kaspars attended it to tell about our adventures. Peteris and Rita came to that meeting and this was the day I met them for the first time. But then I didn’t really learn anything about them. After one week there was another travelers’ … Read More

Traveling the World on a Motorbike. Story of Marcis Plavins

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Marcis f- traveling world on a motorbike

Adventure doesn’t cost a lot. We cycled across India on bicycles, which cost only about 100 EUR each. But today we want to share with you story of Marcis Plavins, who is traveling the world on a motorbike. No, it’s not some custom-built motorbike, prepared especially for long distance journeys. Nope! Not at all! Marcis made things easier (and much cheaper). … Read More

Walking Across Europe. Story of Zaiga and Martins

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Walking across Europe - Zaiga and Martins

Walking across Europe? Yes! That is what Zaiga and Martins are currently up to. These two Latvian adventurers now are on a 6500 kilometers long walk from Poland to Portugal. They want to walk Camino de Santiago from home (first part – from Riga to Poland – they did before). What else is important – Zaiga and Martins are not taking the shortest path, … Read More

Running to Inspire. Story of Martins Zvidrins

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Martins Zvidrins hiking in Hong Kong

Martins Zvidrins is a sky runner. He travels the world not to spend time on the beaches. He does it to participate in the world’s toughest running races, held in the mountains and deserts, often exceeding 100 kilometers. This is not only his hobby, but also his way to show others, that everything is possible. When Martins is back at home in Latvia … Read More