Bangkok to Singapore: 2 Week Overland Backpacking Itinerary + Tips

Langkawi - Bangkok Singapore Overland Backpacking Itinerary

Friends, let’s travel to Asia together! Let’s go on a 2 week trip and travel all the way from Bangkok to Singapore overland! That’s how I started a Facebook update, that I posted on our Facebook page a few months ago. Why did I do that? Because for some longer time we had this idea, that we would love to take others on … Read More

Renting a Scooter in Langkawi (From 2 EUR per Day)

Kaspars rides a scooter in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands. The main island, pulau Langkawi, is the largest of them all and it is one of the most popular islands in Malaysia. During the dry season, between December and March, it’s a popular tourist hotspot attracting thousands of people both from other parts of Malaysia and from abroad. When traveling to Langkawi you should … Read More

Volunteering in Malaysia: 2 Months in the Jungle

Dusky leaf monkey - Volunteering in Malaysia

In spring of 2013 we came to Malaysia for the first time. We had just finished cycling across India (it took us 5 months). We were running out of money. But we didn’t want to return home. So we decided to go and try volunteering in Malaysia. And now, two and a half years later we came back to Malaysia. … Read More

Langkawi Island, Malaysia: The Ultimate Guide

Langkawi island in Malaysia - Guide to Langkawi Island

Malaysia is one of our favorite countries in the world, where we feel like at home, especially in Langkawi. It was April 2014 when we arrived there for the first time. We applied for a Workaway volunteer job on a yacht. It was our first volunteering experience, and we planned to stay in Langkawi for two weeks. But in the … Read More

Gunung Raya – Highest Mountain in Langkawi (+PHOTOS)

watching sunset from Gunung Raya

At 881 m (2624 ft) Gunung Raya is the highest mountain on Langkawi island. With an observation tower on top of the mountain it’s a place with one of the best views of Langkawi and all the islands surrounding it. One more place providing views similar to those from Gunung Raya – a place that we can recommend – is Langkawi Cable … Read More

Volunteering on a Charter Yacht – Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Royal Langkawi Yacht club

It was end of February 2013. We already knew, that in a few weeks we are going from India to Malaysia. And we were eager to try volunteering. Without thinking about it for too long we registered on Workaway and sent out messages to all the places we liked (more than 10). We got two positive answers. And two days later it was … Read More

Langkawi in One Day: Here is What You Can Do

Kaspars on scooter - Langkawi island, Malaysia

Let’s start with the transport. As there is no public transportation system on Langkawi island, only taxi, you will need to think about it first. We recommend you to rent a scooter in Langkawi. One of the most popular places, where to rent it, is located just by the ferry terminal. Scooter rent for one day will cost you just slightly higher than some … Read More

Our Langkawi Island in 40 Photos

At the Northern part of Langkawi

11 weeks or nearly 3 months. Such a long period of time we have currently spent on Langkawi island doing volunteer work. And for us this is the longest period of time we have ever spent in one place outside Latvia. So it’s not a surprise, that here we feel like at home, where everything is so familiar. Where they … Read More