Hitchhiking in Thailand: Satun – Krabi – Bangkok

Una hitchhiking in Thailand

After 8 weeks of volunteering in Malaysia we were ready to move on. It was beginning of February. On 13th of February we needed to be in Bangkok, from where we were planning to start our 2 week overland backpacking group trip to Singapore (we invited 6 of you to join us for 2 weeks). But until that date we had no commitments. … Read More

Short Trip to Thailand: Satun – Trang – Krabi

in buddhist temple - Krabi, Thailand

Once we got to know, that now it’s possible to get a visa on arrival (for Thailand) in Satun, we decided to try it out. And to travel from Malaysia to Thailand by ferry. We had spent in Malaysia almost a month and wanted to see something new, but Thailand was just a short ferry ride away. Thailand’s New Year Festival … Read More