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Hong Kong waterfront

As I wrote earlier, Hong Kong for us with Una was completely spontaneous destination. When buying tickets, we did not know, not what we gonna do there, nor where we gonna live. Nothing. We let emotions to take over and simply used the opportunity to get to this in our opinion very exotic place. Unknown place. Close to China. The most eastern part of the continent …

Hong Kong by the water

Everything ended up the way, that week, that we had for Hong Kong, was enough to fall in love with this never sleeping (almost never) Asian city and to get tired at the end. To make your trip to this place better,  there I have written down some most useful lessons from our journey.

Hong Kong is expensive city in Asia

 Prices comparing to Thailand or Malaysia are 2-3 times higher. Cheap and super small room (only a little bit bigger than bed) – at least 20 euro, bed in hostel – 10 euro, meal – starting from 2 – 3 euro, but more real is to get it starting from 4 – 5 euro.

Chungking Mansions is a good choice if you are searching for cheap accomondation

 At first most probably you will think differently. We thought. But when you get used to that mix of people all around you and forget movies, which taught you that black, muscular guys with big chains around the neck ar criminals, everything changes.

It’s in central part of the city. Kowloon park with beautiful irds and fishes is one block away. Metro and buses stops by the house. Shops and restaurants all around. HUGE choice of accomodations. And if it’s not enough – cheapest hotel rooms in the city are there.

You can make a reservation, but it’s not hard to find something on a place. Just keep walking from doors to anothers, and then on the next and after that next floor.

birds at Kowloon park

Metro is convenient, fast and easy to understand

For about 1 euro it will take you over half of the city.

But for getting for airport we suggest bus. It will take a little it longer, but not less comfortable and for 3 times lower price. And unlike airport express metro, which is going to one exact destination, with bus you can get out wherever you want.

Public transport system in general in Hong Kong is very efficient and this way very popular there

It’s used by absolute majority of the local population. On streets for every one private car you will notice at least few public transport vehicles (two storey bus, two storey tram, taxi or minivan).

Two storey tram and Star Ferry – cheap and interesting attractions

 On that Hong Kong side where are all the shiny skyscrapers and business centers located, there is two storey tram running on the ground. Ticket price is fixed – about 0,26 euro for a ride. Get it at the first/last stop, take the best seat in the very front of second floor and you are ready. Ride takes about 1 hour. And then go back! It’s especially beautiful in the dark hours of the day.

two storey trams

Star Ferry after that could be your way of transportation back to the opposite side of Hong Kong. It takes only few minutes and costs close to nothing. Beautiful views guaranteed.

Star Ferry Hong Kong

Victoria Peak – your perfect point of view to Hong Kong from above

This place is accesible for free. At the top of the hill there is shopping center, which has accessible rooftop. On the one side there are skyscrapers on other – sea and islands. Especially beatiful at time of sunset and after it.

Hong Kong from above

Golden Computer Arcade it’s Ebay on the street

Two floors of all kind of electronics, cables, phone and tablet accesories and so on. And, yes, prices are like on Ebay’s cheapest part. You can’t get the best quality there, but is it needed? Not for everything for sure.

Hong Kong Disneyland – cool and just a little bit extreme

It’s easy to get there. Metro ticket will cost you around 2 euro and metro will take you to the entrance of park. It’s worth one day of your time. More you can read on our previous article.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Maclehose Trail – great way to escape from city

Hong Kong is just one big and crowded city? No. It’s possible to get away from it and still be in Hong Kong. On of such options is Maclehose Trail, which is about 100 kilometers long and divided into 10 sections. Getting from the city is possible with bus or few buses and can take you about hour or two, depends of that to which section you are going. To get there we used information from this website.

View from Maclehose Trail Hong Kong

English is widely used in Hong Kong

Most of texts written with hieroglyps are also translated to English.

In two sentences – Hong Kong is the busiest and most interesting city in which I have ever been and I suggest you to visit too! But all that noise, 40+ storey buildings all around you wherever you go, it’s not the place for me to live for longer time.

Have you been to Hong Kong? How you liked it?

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