Kuala Lumpur in 20 Photos

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View of Kuala Lumpur from Wangsa Maju

Today it’s our 5th day in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia. And it looks so, that we will spend there at least some more days. Unas finger is fractured. And now whole her left forearm is with cast. Yeah, our arrival to Malaysia was crazy, read about that on this blog post. But despite that it was so much exciting as … Read More

Going to India – What You Need to Know

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Kid on motorcycle in India

We spent in India 5 months – cycling across India for more than 5000 kilometers. Here are the things you need to know, when going to India. During our self organised cycling adventure we saw quite a lot from West and South of India. If we would travel all around the country, as we initially were planning to do, our route would … Read More

Honking in India

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busy street India - honking in India

Right from our first hours in India, it was clear – traffic here means also endless noise. And the same way we think now after more than four months in India. It’s not just because there are a lot more vehicles, than, for example, in Riga. For sure, it has an impact. But there is something more – everyone is … Read More