5 Signs You’re Becoming Malay

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Cafe in Putrajaya Malaysia

Malaysia for us two is one of those countries, where we feel like at home. In last two and a half years we have spent here almost half a year. We like it here. And we feel, how in some ways we are becoming more like Malays. Slowly, but we see changes in our behavior. And sometimes it’s funny to see, how … Read More

Langkawi – Satun Ferry: Getting Visa On Arrival in Thailand

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Una on the beach - 4 island tour in Krabi Thailand - visa on arrival in Thailand

Langkawi, archipelago of 99 islands, is situated at the very North of Malaysia, less than 50 kilometers off the coast of Thailand. So probably I will not surprise you anymore saying, that there are frequent ferries running daily from Langkawi to Thailand. While it is possible to get from Langkawi to Koh Lipe by ferry as well – and Koh Lipe … Read More

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park (+photos)

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Parrot sitting on camera in Kuala Lumpur Bird park

We heard about Kuala Lumpur Bird Park for the first time two years ago, during our first trip to Malaysia. Even though we stayed in Kuala Lumpur for a month, we didn’t go there then. But this time we definitely couldn’t miss KL Bird Park! Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is largest free-flight walk-in aviary. That means there are quite a lot of birds … Read More

We Are Leaving India And Going to Malaysia

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plane flying

Today early in the morning we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yesterday was supposted to be the day, when we leave Goa, start few week trip across India and eventually head to Northern India to stay there for a month or two. Initially we planned to start this trip two weeks earlier. But then, when the date of our planned … Read More

How Our Indian Mobile Numbers Got Deactivated While Traveling in India

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Indian mobile numbers not working

It happened during our first trip to India. We were cycling across India, and then one day, after three months of traveling, we woke up and our Indian mobile numbers were not working anymore. That should be because of some mobile network’s technical problem, we thought, but it wasn’t. Days passed, but our mobile numbers didn’t start to work. And … Read More