Vaude Nevis 30 Backpack Review

Vaude Nevis 30 Backpack Helmet Holder.jpg

Since April 2016 I’m a satisfied owner of Vaude Nevis 30 backpack. Before that for almost 4 years I was using 35 liter Karrimor hiking backpack, which I bought for Camino de Santiago hike. At the time when my old Karrimor backpack broke I was visiting Langkawi island in Malaysia. Unfortunately there aren’t any large sports outlets in Langkawi. But as … Read More

Complete Annapurna Circuit Packing List for All Seasons (+Tips)

trekking Annapurna circuit - backpack

Are you going to trek Annapurna Circuit in Nepal anytime soon? Or maybe you are heading on some different trek? Check out our full Annapurna Circuit packing list and you will learn how to pack for 2-3 weeks of trekking in the mountains in about 10 kilos (including water and snacks)! All of this gear you see on the list we actually … Read More

Minimalist Packing List: Packing Under 7 Kilos

Kaspars in Obidos Portugal - Minimalist Packing List

Is it possible to pack under 7 kilos every time you are traveling? I think yes. For inspiration check out my minimalist packing list below! Long term traveling has changed me in several ways. And one of the new things I have learned during these years of traveling is – how little we people really need. In the article “Leave your … Read More

Leave Your Big Backpack at Home When Going to Southeast Asia

Backpack policeman - man with a banana gun

All the last winter, spring and summer we two spent in Asia. One half of this time we were in India, cycling across it, another – in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Whenever we met some backpacker on our way, be it a tall guy or a short girl, they all had one thing in common. And that one … Read More