Full Annapurna Circuit Packing List (Including Trekking Gear) – Packing in 10 Kilos

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trekking Annapurna circuit - backpack

Are you going to trek Annapurna Circuit anytime soon? Then check out our full Annapurna Circuit packing list and learn how to pack for 3 weeks of trekking in Himalayas in 10 kilos or less (including water and snacks)! All of this gear you see on the list we actually used during the trek. Remember, take only the most necessary things! … Read More

Packing List: Packing Under 7 Kilos

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Kaspars trekking Annapurna circuit - June 2016

Is it possible to pack under 7 kilos every time you are traveling? I think yes. For inspiration check out my minimalist packing list below! Long term traveling has changed me in several ways. And one of the new things I have learned during these last two years of traveling is – how little we people really need. In the article … Read More