Best Travel Toiletry Bags 2017

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Let’s put it straight – a travel toiletry bag often is a necessity. Well, unless you are like Kaspars, who is used to travel with the bare minimum. I have been using one for traveling since my very first trip abroad in 2012. It just makes things so much easier. To help you find the right travel toiletry bag for yourself, I have done … Read More

Best Travel Adapters 2017: 18 Travel Power Adapters Compared

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My International Travel Adapter - Best Travel Adapters - Travel Power Adapters

Some call them travel power adapters. Others – simply travel adapters. What’s important that everyone is talking about the same useful, small and often irreplaceable piece of travel gear. So why do you need a travel adapter? In different countries around the world electricity sockets differ. In total there are 15 different sockets in use (you can see all of them here). And … Read More

10 Best Packing Cubes For Travel – 2017

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Best packing cubes

We have been traveling extensively since 2013. And for quite a long time we didn’t really care about how we organize our stuff. We would just pack our bags, somehow. And then when we would need to find something, we would just go through everything. Later, however, we started to organize our things a bit, by using plastic bags. Well, … Read More

Choosing the Best Carry On Luggage: Best Carry On Suitcase 2017

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At the airport - Best Carry On Luggage Best Carry On Suitcase 2017

As you probably know it already, we are big advocates for traveling light. With a few exceptions we have been traveling with carry on luggage only since 2012. Why? Because it’s so much easier, you need to carry less and it can also be cheaper. And if there is one thing most of frequent travelers, whom we know, have in common, then that’s it – they … Read More

Best Travel Daypack 2017: Choosing the Best Small Backpack

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Woman with a backpack - Best Travel Daypacks

What do all the best travel daypacks have in common? They are durable, often water resistant and they are lightweight. Have you ever heard about packable backpacks? Packable daypacks? As the name suggests those are backpacks, that can be folded and packed inside themselves. Trust me, it is a must have if you are a traveler! In this article I … Read More