Traveling Around the Globe. Story of Zane Enina

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Easter island - Zane Enina

Few months ago we published an article called “Latvian adventurers you need to know about”. We told you about brave and adventurous people from Latvia. But then we talked just about few of them, and we didn’t include ones who don’t have a blog in English. And so people like Zane Enina – who have traveled to almost every corner of the world … Read More

Volunteering to Explore the World. Story of Clive Richards

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Clive Richards art class in Barcelona

We met Clive last summer in France, when volunteering and living in the castle, in the region of Burgundy. While we were making beds and cleaning rooms in family run B&B in the castle, Clive was working with wood. During his time there he built cool dog house, children’s playground and did some small repairs. While chatting with Clive we understood, that from … Read More

Crossing Americas by Van. Story of Peter, Dace and Astrid

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Peteris and Dace | izaicinajums

Crossing Americas – starting from Canada and going through North, Central and South Americas, that’s the adventure of Latvians Peter and Dace, and… Astrid, their minivan. Started in summer of 2014 this adventure has no certain destination and timeframe. Months have passed, but from updates on their social media accounts it’s clear, that it’s just a beginning. How it is to travel … Read More

How Many Roads: On the Way from Latvia to New Zealand

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HMroads team ready for hitchhiking

It’s a sunny day of September. Dainis, Ivars and Laura from “How Many Roads” are on the train from Riga to Minsk in Belarus. Their adventure has started and now they are on the way from Latvia to furthest place away from Latvia – to Pitt Island in New Zealand. From Minsk to India they plan to go on their bicycles, but … Read More

Cycling Around the World. Story of Ilze and Pablo

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Ilze and Pablo, cycling in wild Bosnia

Cycling around the world. Cycling around the world?! What a crazy plan! These were my first thoughts when searching for information about traveling on bicycle I found a blog The Crazy Travel, where I read about plans of Ilze and her boyfriend Pablo – to cycle around the world. But that inspired me. And you know what? Less than a year later we started our … Read More