Traveling to All Countries and Territories. Story of Dane Henrik

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Henrik - henriktravel

It’s a very busy time now for Dane traveler Henrik. Because 2015 is the year, when he plans to finish his mission of traveling to all countries and territories of the world. You read that right – all countries AND all territories. Henrik is traveling to… everywhere. We caught up with Henrik to talk about traveling, travel planning and how he manages … Read More

Professional Skateboarder from Latvia – Madars Apse

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People skateboarding

Madars Apse is a professional skateboarder from Latvia. He started skateboarding in his teenage years. Since that time Madars has proved himself in many national and international contests. And currently he is one of few Red Bull sponsored Latvian sportists. How things changes when you become professional skateboarder? And how it is possible for a guy from city of 40 000 people? Continue reading and … Read More

Walking Across Europe. Story of Zaiga and Martins

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Walking across Europe - Zaiga and Martins

Walking across Europe? Yes! That is what Zaiga and Martins are currently up to. These two Latvian adventurers now are on 6500 kilometers long walk from Poland to Portugal. They want to walk Camino de Santiago from home (first part – from Riga to Poland – they did before). What’s also important – Zaiga and Martins are not taking the shortest path, they … Read More

Running to Inspire. Story of Martins Zvidrins

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Martins Zvidrins hiking in Hong Kong

Martins Zvidrins is a sky runner. He travels the world not to spend time on the beaches. He does it to participiate in world’s toughest running races, held in mountains and deserts, often exceeding 100 kilometers. This is not only his hobbie, but also his way to show others, that everthing is possible. When Martins is back at home in Latvia he organizes … Read More

European Girl Moves to India. Story of Agate

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Gautam Buddha Park in Noida, India

One thing is to go on a vacation or business trip to country far away. But another thing is when you move to other country to live. Especially if the country you are moving to is so much different than your homeland. But that didn’t stop Agate from moving to India. And believe me, India differs from Latvia a lot. Read our interview … Read More