Cycling Solo Across South America. Story of Marika Latsone

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Cycling solo across South America - Marika Latsone

Do you like cycling? I do like cycling, but it’s been a while now since I have stopped doing it regularly. But Marika, an adventurous wanderess from Latvia, really loves cycling. And she loves traveling. So probably I will not surprise you saying that right now she is cycling solo across South America. Yes, you read that right. She is cycling … Read More

Moving to Manchester & Building New Life From Scratch. Story of Laura Lasmane

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Laura visiting Peak District, England - Moving to Manchester

Summer of 2015 for Laura Lasmane wasn’t like the previous ones. Not at all. Because that’s when Laura, experienced marketing professional, who had a successful career, decided to take a leap and move from Latvia to Manchester, UK, to live and work there. As she recalls, it was very scary, but she decided to go for it, nevertheless. I have worked with Laura for … Read More

Backpacker Turned Traveling Entrepreneur. Story of Nikki Scott

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On a business trip in Philippines - Traveling Entrepreneur

At the age of 23 Nikki left her marketing job in England to take a break. She booked a one-way ticket to Nepal and went on her first solo-backpacking trip. What came soon later was the realization, that it’s possible to travel long term without going broke, that the life of travel is possible. If you work for it! As Nikki didn’t want to … Read More

Traveling to New Zealand And Finding True Passion in Life. Story of Linda Rinke

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Linda Rinke in New Zealand - by Mt Cook

It was in the spring of 2013, when searching for an inspiration and still only thinking about possibility to travel long term with Una, I found Linda’s blog. I read about her adventures traveling on an extremely low budget, and it struck me once again – hey, you really don’t need to have a lot of money to travel. This girl … Read More

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Story of Peteris and Rita.

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Rita and Peteris hiking the PCT

I (Una) met Peteris and Rita when I was in Latvia, in December 2015. There was a travelers’s meeting and we with Kaspars attended it to tell about our adventures. Peteris and Rita came to that meeting and this was the day I met them for the first time. But then I didn’t know, that they have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. After one week … Read More

Traveling the World on a Motorbike. Story of Marcis Plavins

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Marcis f- traveling world on a motorbike

Adventure doesn’t cost a lot. We cycled across India on bicycles, which cost about 100 euros each. But today we want to share with you story of Marcis Plavins, who is traveling the world on a motorbike. No, it’s not some custom-built motorbike, prepared especially for long distance journeys. Nope! Not at all! Marcis made things easier (and much cheaper). And … Read More

House Sitting Around the World. Story of Laura and Tanbay

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Laura and Tambay in Berlin - Travelling Weasels - House sitting around the world

Have you ever heard about house sitting? About people living in other people houses for free while the owners are away? Whatever is your answer – I have good news. Such a thing really works. And it can be also your opportunity to travel the world and not pay for an accommodation! Let me share with you story of Laura and Tanbay, who … Read More