Cycling Solo Across South America. Story of Marika Latsone

Cycling solo across South America - Marika Latsone

Do you like cycling? I do like cycling, but it’s been a while now since I have stopped doing it regularly. But Marika, an adventurous wanderess from Latvia, really loves cycling. And she loves traveling. So probably I will not surprise you saying that right now she is cycling solo across South America. Yes, you read that right. She is cycling … Read More

One Way Ticket to South America. Story of Anna Sundukova

Beautiful red sunset and silhouettes of people - South America travels

In October 2013 we started our first long term trip. Then our main goal was to travel a little bit around Asia. But after 5 months in India we already understood that we want to see more of our planet. We knew we want to visit as much countries as possible, including also those in South America. We read and hear a lot … Read More

Crossing Americas by Van. Story of Peter, Dace and Astrid

Peteris and Dace | izaicinajums

Crossing Americas – starting from Canada and going through North, Central and South Americas, that’s the adventure of Latvians Peter and Dace, and… Astrid, their minivan. Started in summer of 2014 this adventure has no certain destination and timeframe. Months have passed, but from updates on their social media accounts it’s clear, that it’s just a beginning. How it is to travel … Read More