Visiting Central Portugal

Visiting Buddha Eden Garden - Central Portugal

What to see in Central Portugal? If you would ask me this question couple of months ago, I would have no clue what to answer. Lisbon is somewhere in the middle of Portugal, I knew it before. And Portugal has one of Europe’s best beaches. I would then guess, that there are some nice beaches in central Portugal, too. Turns out … Read More

Pear Picking in Portugal – Our Experience

Pear picking in Portugal

It’s already our third week in Portugal. Beginning of September. And beginning of pear picking season in Portugal. At least that’s what we have heard from more than few locals. We don’t know too much about Portugal and we don’t have any fruit picking work experience. But we want to try it now and earn some money. Pear picking will … Read More

Read This Before Traveling to Lisbon, Portugal

Funicular in Lisbon Portugal - traveling to Lisbon

Porto or Lisbon, where to go? That’s the question many people ask themselves (and friends, colleagues, Google,…), when planning a short trip to Portugal. When we went on our very first trip abroad we decided to go to Portugal. And Porto was our choice back then. Now when we have been to both of them we can affirm, that Lisbon same like … Read More

We Are In Portugal!

Kaspars standing by Atlantic Ocean - Portugal

Remember, a little bit more than two weeks ago we moved to the Netherlands to work for few months there and save money? And now we are in Portugal? Yes, that’s exactly how it is. We went to Amsterdam. Actually we went to Rotterdam first. We had enough time and so we decided to see one new for us city. That … Read More